Pride of the Tribe

Week of September 17, 2018

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Great Things We Saw Last Week!

  • A school pulling together in times of triumph and defeat. Our school is what we make it. Keep teaching your students what it means to put the Tribe Over Me!
Club and Organization Showcase @ Lunches (October 1-5)

Please click to update this form and indicate a day to showcase your club or organization to our students!

Nuts & Bolts

  • Safety & Security
  1. I have asked that we have more police presence in the mornings. Please make sure you are on time for duty!
  2. Limit student access in the halls and restrooms during class. Notice patterns...Students usually shouldn't need to take their backpacks to the restroom or go everyday during your class. Last week we had a large number of students in a restroom watching a boxing match.
  3. If you see any signs of vaping or suspect a student has an Ecig, we need to know.

  • T-TESS Goal Setting and Part I MUST be completed by September 28th. Reminder - This is completed in DMAC. Goal setting meetings with your appraiser will begin this week.

  • SLO - You should have completed Steps 1 & 2. You can put your SLO documentation within your lesson plan folder.

  • Assessments Criteria
  1. Turn in a copy of each assessment to your appraiser.
  2. Assessment data must be uploaded into DMAC.
  3. Assessments should reflect the use of TRS questions if the course has an IFD through TRS.
  4. All assessments other than EOC tested subjects should reflect 60% level 3 questions or TRS questions and 40% level 1-2 questions.

I have loved reading the postcards that have been sent to your two at-risk students. ALL of our students should have a relationship with one of us...IT IS THAT IMPORTANT. If you have not signed up, please do. IT IS THAT IMPORTANT.

Upcoming Events

September 17
  • Electives/CTE Department Meetings @ 7:45am
  • Compliance Videos Due
September 18
  • Math/Science Department Meetings @ 7:45am
  • Junior Class Ring Meeting @ 10:01 in Auditorium
  • Diaper Shower for Mrs. Atkins!
  • PALS field trip
  • Volleyball vs Krum @ Krum, 5pm

September 19

  • English/SS Department Meetings @ 7:45am

September 20

  • Faculty Meeting @ 7:45am
  • New Teacher Training Session @ Annex, 4:15pm
  • 9th/JV/V Football vs Mineral Wells @ SHS, 5:00pm

September 21

  • JV/V Volleyball vs Aubrey @ Aubrey, 5:00pm
  • V Football vs Mineral Wells @ Mineral Wells, 7:30pm


Monday is a PD day. We will be working with our data so make sure it is uploaded into DMAC and learning a new system called School Status. Working hours will be 9-4.

Wednesday we will be giving the ASVAB and seniors will participate in a Reality Fair. Groups will rotate through by the hour. A schedule will be sent early this week!

Pre-Assessment is Key!

An excellent teacher is always looking ahead!

Try adding two questions related to something you will be learning three weeks from now at the end of an assessment. Tell students why you are doing it and that they must answer with good intent. They will answer with good intent if they know it will get them out of learning something they already know!

The data you collect can guide your instruction. Front load those students who struggled with information to prepare them for the upcoming content. If your students already know the answers - MOVE ON!


Share your successes with us! Feedback is an important part of growth. Let us hear from you!

Want to add an additional hour of engagement to a five-hour instructional day? Read this!

I leave you with this...

Tomorrow, we won't be able to control the weather, the attitudes of kids, or the number of annoying emails that flood our inbox. But... we can control the number of times we smile, the number of high 5's we give, and the energy we bring to work!


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