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Logic Models Help Bring Teams Together To Generate Funds

Logic Model

Logic models help you narrow your focus, create a 3-year plan, and secure funds. You will need a team to develop the logic model. The team should consist of people you feel are critical for your plan. Team members could include administration, specialists, teachers, parents and/or students. Logic models provide the framework for creating a successful grant proposal.

Logic model details

A logic model consists of 5 or fewer goals that help you accomplish your mission. It is a project planning tool designed to organize the various components of a project. Goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.This plan should include the project/program activities and short-term outcomes, mid-range outcomes, and long-term outcomes. Evaluation is used to determine if outcomes are successful. The logic model keeps your team focused, outlines needs for funders, and creates successful outcomes for students.

Logic models can be strengthened with evaluation

Your goals in a logic model can be followed with a local evaluation to see if your program is successful. A local evaluation, for example, could track technology integration for a year. If your goal is to improve mathematics student achievement, you would gather baseline data, measure technology dosage for a year and compare the following year's data to the baseline measurements.

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