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Sunday Longhorn News 12-13-2020


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A Message From Heather Patterson, GRHS Principal

Good Afternoon Longhorns,

We almost made it...FINALS week and a nice long winter break is coming our way! I want to give a shoutout to Coach Cavallo and our entire Longhorn Football program for one heck of season. Through months and months of hard work, dedication, and COVID health protocols we finally earned a well deserved playoff spot. It was nothing short of heartbreaking that we couldn't finally have that rematch with Katy Taylor like we wanted. I truly appreciate everyone that did everything they could to make it a reality for our program and especially the seniors. Nothing more can be done, but to learn from the past and focus on what we can do even better next time. That doesn't make the sting as less, but it is definitely a reminder and good life lesson for even when you do all the right things, there are variables outside of our campus (and in life) that are just uncontrollable. It reminds me of quote in a book I once read. "The environments we find ourselves in can change, weaken, or harden us, and test who we truly are. We can be like the carrot that weakens in the pot or like the egg that hardens. Or, we can be like the coffee bean and discover the power inside us to transform our environment." As long as I am at GRHS we will CHOOSE to be the COFFEE BEAN!

There are a few reminders of things that are happening and a couple that are slipping, that I need to make sure you are aware of before the break.

  1. STUDENT PICK UP PROCEDURES! We’ve had an influx of parents coming inside to check out students, this is not the procedure due to social distancing protocols that MUST be followed. If you need to pick up your student you MUST call this number 832-223-4234 and wait in your car. Your student will be called down to the student service window to check out and will then be released to your car. Thanks for your patience.
  2. MASK UP! Parents/guardians coming into the FRONT office to drop something off MUST HAVE A MASK ON AT ALL TIMES! (no exceptions)
  3. WORKING VIRTUALLY THIS WEEK? Parents, are you keeping your student home this week to work virtual, but your student has a face-to-face schedule? Please take a moment and email Ms. Hancock ( to let her know. This way the student’s attendance can be changed to Virtually Present (V). This will make it easier on the teachers and the students.
  4. Students MAY NOT be picked up EARLY DURING A tell them not to bother texting...they must wait until the PERIOD is finished (based on schedule below) to leave.

*I have had a few emails about this over the weekend, asking if working virtual was a possibility this last week due to the surge in positive cases. So here is my answer... If your student is CHOOSING to WORK VIRTUAL PRESENT for their finals week, they MUST CHECK INTO EACH CLASS in CANVAS (to be counted virtually present). In addition, they MUST COMPLETE EACH FINAL AT THE SPECIFIED TIME ON THE SCHEDULE BELOW. If they DO NOT follow this BY THE BOOK, they will receive a ZERO for the test/final/project. It takes another level of responsibility to work virtually, so if you are not going to follow this, there are consequences that could negatively affect your grades, and that would not be the best way to end the semester or start your break.

*If your student is F2F and taking 1 or 2 finals that day, they will be allowed to leave after that SPECIFIC CLASS PERIOD IS OVER with an email request. *A parent/guardian must email Mrs. Duran so that she has a hard copy of this request on file. Please look closely at the schedule and have a ride WAITING, as they (you) will NOT be allowed to hang out anywhere on the campus, including inside the building, field house area, or in any parking lots. *Please remember to still check in virtually that day for attendance purposes.

Just like during the Thanksgiving break, after we complete this week of finals, I am asking that you (and your family) take another step back from the daily grind of school and focus on spending time with your own personal family and refilling your energy tank that our current COVID living fatigue has sucked dry. We all need this break, especially since I truly believe that self care and family time are two things that should be on your WISH LIST this season, I know they are on mine! I will be taking a step back and I am asking my staff to do the same, as all of our OUT OF OFFICE responses will be turned on starting 4:00PM on Friday, December 18th and will be on until Tuesday, January 5th at 8AM. We will be responding back to emails starting that day. Please understand that we need this time to recharge just as much as our Longhorns do, and will be back in January to assist you in any way we can. I hope you holiday is filled blessings and joy!

*Just a reminder if you are currently quarantined you are NOT ALLOWED on campus at anytime or any LCISD EVENT, even over the Christmas break.

Please continue following the safety protocols -proper wearing of masks (nose and mouth covered), cleaning of personal space upon entering each classroom (wipes and hand sanitizer provided in every classroom), and following all the safety protocols and procedures that we have in place. These are the same ones that I personally review every day on the announcements. Let's keep being smart and stay safe by adhering to the face to face expectations by properly wearing those masks, sanitizing regularly, and following social distancing protocols to the best of our ability. Any student refusing to follow the rules will be given disciplinary consequences, which will in turn affect their semester exam exemptions. Let's all do our part to keep GR the PLACE to be... especially face to face.

Need to Leave Early? Here are the UPDATED Procedures!

PARENTS must email Ms. Duran for passes at

  • All emails for a student’s early release must be 2 hours in advance of the time the student is leaving campus.
  • A student must be a GRHS registered driver in order to leave campus. All others have to be signed out and picked up by an adult on Skyward's emergency contact list.
  • Only siblings can leave campus together. Students can NOT leave with friends.
  • No emails would be processed after 2:00 pm.
  • No student check out (even by an adult that is listed on the emergency contact list) after 3:20 PM daily.

Thank you so much to all our parents and students reaching out to your Assistant Principal for questions and assistance. Please CONTINUE to email your (or your student's) Assistant Principal , as they can assist you the quickest.

Admin contact info:

Chris Cuellar - Assistant Principal (Alpha Split A-Dan)

Brian Forshee -Associate Principal (Alpha Split Dao-Hov)

Jessie Eilenstine Assistant Principal (Alpha Split How-Mom)

Judy Momanyi - Assistant Principal (Alpha Split Mon-Sac)

Quantas Floyd Assistant Principal (Alpha Split Sad-Z)

Counselors contact info:

Jamie Rufo (alpha split A-Dan)

Stacey Richards (alpha split Dao-Hou)

Abraham Vil (alpha split Hov-Mom)

Marci Macha Dual Credit & (alpha split Mon-Sac)

Ashley Hunt (alpha split Sad-Z)

Carin Reeves 504/AP

Included in this edition of our GRHS Longhorn News:

  • MASK UP when you drop things off in the front office and call FRONT OFFICE (do not come in) for any EARLY student pick up. (social distancing procedures must be followed)
  • Semester Exam Schedule (AGAIN) - Read Carefully- YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS AN EXAM!
  • National English Honor Society Applications now open
  • GRHS Schedule changes for SPRING semester are NOW OPEN. The deadline to submit your change is January 8th. (see link below)
  • College Bound Senior Shirt Opportunity from Mrs. Ford (see below)
  • UPDATED Early Pick-Up Procedures

  • Virtual Learner Info - Synchronous days Zoom calendar (again)
  • Transcript and VOE Requests Procedures Below
  • Sports/Fine Arts Coach/Director Updates

You can always purchase online or drop off books to the front office even if you are VIRTUAL this week! (just wear a mask)

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GRHS Fall Semester Exam Schedule and Requirements!

Just a reminder if you did NOT get and exemption approved that you submitted for...this is why.

Students had to meet ALL the requirements below in order to be eligible to be exempt:

  1. Conduct - a student shall have no more than three office referrals for the semester and no more than one assignment, not to exceed three days, to ISS for the semester. In addition, a student shall have no assignments to ALC or suspensions from school for the semester. Exemptions were pulled for misuse of social media, as well.
  2. Grade Average - A student shall have a grade average of 80 or better for the semester in the class(es) from which the exemptions are requested.
  3. Other - Other requirements include:
  • Student shall not be allowed to claim an exemption from concurrent or dual credit course semester examinations.
  • Students who have outstanding fees and/or fines are not eligible for exemption from semester examinations.
  • Students eligible for semester exemption(s) must declare the courses that will apply prior to testing.
  • The declaration date shall be determined by the building principal and shall not be later than two days prior to the beginning of semester examinations.
  • Any discipline referral, or grade reduction below 80 after the exemption declaration may cause the student to be ineligible for the exemption.

*If all grading and discipline requirements (above) are MET, students may exempt based on below:

  • Grades 9: TWO classes per semester
  • Grade 10: THREE classes per semester
  • Grade 11: FOUR classes per semester
  • Grade 12: ALL classes per semester
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Schedule changes for spring semester are now open. The deadline to submit your change is January 8th.

Please note that although we would love to honor your request there are many reasons that we may not be able to, such as class sizes and scheduling conflicts. When schedule changes are made, students are placed according to class size which may result in multiple periods changing, including lunch. Athletic and other extracurricular changes must be approved by the coach or sponsor.

Please use the link below to submit your request and If you have any questions, please email your counselor. (their email addressed is linked below)

Counselors Contact Info:

Jamie Rufo (alpha split A-Dan)

Stacey Richards (alpha split Dao-Hou)

Abraham Vil (alpha split Hov-Mom)

Marci Macha Dual Credit & (alpha split Mon-Sac)

Ashley Hunt (alpha split Sad-Z)

Carin Reeves 504/AP

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Applications for the GRHS Chapter of the National English Honor Society are now open!

The applications for the George Ranch chapter of the National English Honor Society are now open! NEHS is focused on providing students with English merit an opportunity to apply their English knowledge in their school and community. To apply, students must have a 90 overall average for all English classes. Students must have at least a 3.5 GPA overall and no major discipline referrals. You must be enrolled in an advanced English class. Applications are currently open to juniors and seniors and will be available to underclassmen in the spring.

If you are interested in joining please use the following link: to enroll in NEHS Application Canvas Course. The application link can be found in the Canvas course for NEHS applications under the "Requirements and Application" module. The application is due by Friday, January 8th at 11:59 P.M.

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Great news Seniors! We are bringing back the college bound shirts for the Class of 2021. We have also added shirts for students who have enlisted into the military.

In order to receive a College Bound shirt you must email Mrs. Ford ( your college acceptance letters. Face to face students may pick up their college bound shirt in the College Center (Room 1500) next Monday during lunch.

If you are a virtual student, please email Mrs. Ford your acceptance letter, please state that you are a virtual student and your shirt size and I will leave your shirt at the front desk for pick up.

If you have enlisted into the military, please provide Mrs. Ford with documentation of your enlistment paperwork to receive your shirt.

Please let Mrs. Ford know if you have any questions!

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GRHS Virtual Learning Plan (PDF) Click below!

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Canvas Support and Tech Support!

Parents needing support with CANVAS, please click the link below:

For parents needing support with TECHNOLOGY, please click the link below:

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Policies and Procedures for George Ranch High School Service Cord Recognition Program 2020-2021 Academic School Year!

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GRINGOS Spirit Night - Tuesday - December 15th

FFA Booster club has another Spirit Day at the Greatwood Gringo’s on Tuesday Dec. 15th! They will also be launching our annual Pork Butt sales. With the Fort Bend County Fair canceled this year, the Pork butt sales will be our largest fund raiser and would appreciate any support we could get from our Longhorn Nation Community!

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Lariette and Belles Booster Club Tamale Sale:

Be ready to start the year off HOT with tamales and sales from your Belles and Lariettes details coming soon!

Lariettes and Belles Spirit Merch and Decal Sale (See Pic)

Want to show your GRHS Longhorn Pride? Grab one of these decals and display it prominently on your car or truck back window, school notebook, or anything else you can think of. Stickers are 6" by 6", $10. Each. Order yours today at

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ONLY 3 PEOPLE allowed in the front office at one time due to proper SOCIAL DISTANCING PROTOCOLS. If the office is full, please wait until someone walks out and you are buzzed in. We appreciate your patience in advance!

2020-2021 Bell Schedule

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2020-2021 Instructional Calendar

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Have a New Driver? Need a VOE? We have you covered, even remotely!

If you are needing a VOE, we are able to help you remotely via email! See directions below. Please allow 24 hour (business day) turn around on all requests.

VOE (Verification of Enrollment) for Driver's Permit/License
  • Email Roberta Hall, GRHS Registrar Clerk
  • Include full student name and ID number
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Need a Transcript? Check this out!

If you are needing a Transcript we are able to help you remotely via email! See directions below. Please allow 24 hour (business day) turn around on all requests.

Transcript for a Scholarship Application

  • EMAIL Roberta Hall, GRHS Registrar Clerk
  • Include full student name and ID number

NEW PROCESS for EARLY PICK UP PROCEDURE. Please wait in your car for your student.

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GRHS Admin Team Support

Even though we are not physically in the building, as always we are ready and willing to help!

We are available (via email) during regular school business hours (8:00am-4:00pm) and will be promptly getting back with you for assistance within 24 business hours.

  • Please feel free to reach out to your child's Assistant Principal (alpha split by last name) for student specific concerns or assistance.

Heather Patterson - Principal

Brian Forshee - Associate Principal

Chris Cuellar - Assistant Principal (Alpha Split A-Dan)

Brian Forshee - Associate Principal (Interim Alpha Split Dao-Hov)

Jessie Eilenstine Assistant Principal (Alpha Split How-Mom)

Judy Momanyi - Assistant Principal (Alpha Split Mon-Sac)

Quantas Floyd Assistant Principal (Alpha Split Sad-Z)

Nicholas Cavallo - GRHS Campus Athletic Coordinator

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Counselors, CCF, and Registrar Squad

Our GRHS Counselors, College Career Facilitator, and Registrar will be ONLINE and readily AVAILABLE during regular school business hours (8:00am-4:00pm) starting July 21st via email and will be getting back with you for assistance within 24 business hours.

  • From schedule questions, college questions, transcript requests, to any student concern our GRHS team is here to assist you and your child. Feel free to email them with any questions or concerns. (Alpha Split by Student LAST Name for Counselors)


Jamie Rufo (alpha split A-Dan)

Stacey Richards (alpha split Dao-Hou)

Abraham Vil (alpha split Hov-Mom)

Marci Macha Dual Credit & (alpha split Mon-Sac)

Ashley Hunt (alpha split Sad-Z)

Carin Reeves 504/AP

Lauren Ford - College Career Facilitator (CCF)-

Jean Abboud -George Ranch Registrar -

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Please click the PDF below to see all the Great GRHS Counselor Things Happening!

Counselor & College Career Canvas Resource Page! Click link below!

Follow Us on Twitter! @WeAreGRHS

Follow our Hashtag on Twitter

GRHS Student News!

GRHS SN E13 12112020 X2

The choir department participated in the 2nd round of auditions on the road to All-State Choir. The choir is pleased to announce that 31 students were selected for a Region Choir! We have 6 students in the Region Treble Choir and 25 in the Region Mixed Choir. 10 of the Mixed Choir students placed in the top 5 chairs so they will be advancing to the final audition round in January. This is the most students the choir has ever had advance to the last round and George Ranch actually had more students advance than any other school even beating Clements and Ridge Point who normal have the majority of the spots. Way to go GRHS Choir and Mr. Williams!

Below is a list of students who placed! Way to go Longhorns!

Region Mixed Choir

Soprano 1

Rachel Lafferty – Advancing to Area (1st Chair)

Hannah Rice - Advancing to Area (2nd Chair)

Hope Bayles

Soprano 2

Corinne Kuehl

Madeline Boyle

Zoey Pittman

Alto 1

Nadia Jones - Advancing to Area (4th Chair)

Alto 2

Orleane Alima – Advancing to Area (4th Chair)

Rayne Ripoll - Advancing to Area (5th Chair)

Kaelee Hunter

Sanaa Whiting

Anjali Jacob

Tenor 1

Ricardo Perez - Advancing to Area (5th Chair)

Matthew Wootres

Anthony Ruiz

Tenor 2

Erick Alima - Advancing to Area (3rd Chair)

Grant Cummings - Advancing to Area (5th Chair)

Dylan Farmer

Bass 1

Matthias Johnson - Advancing to Area (4th Chair)

Caleb Hall

Rogelio Hernandez

Michael Kuehl

Bass 2

Jesus Ludert - Advancing to Area (5th Chair)

Samuel Morgan

Kaden Zepeda

Region Treble Choir

Soprano 1

Pejah Carr

Soprano 2

Hannah Dalton

Alto 1

Olivia Lorber

Casey Morgan

Rachel Scott

Alto 2

Camille Edwards


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Football Season Senior Headshot Slide Show

This year, during football season, we made senior night every home game! We proudly displayed our football, cheer, band and dance seniors on the scoreboard. Two different slide shows were shown, a standard one and a pink out version during October. Please click here for the standard one and click here for the pink out one.

The Final Run Through….

This past week, Lariettes and Band spent time working on a fun halftime for our playoff game. Due to the heartbreaking forfeiture, both groups decided to work together to do one final run through especially for the seniors! They were also joined by some amazingly supportive Longhorn faculty. It was a great way to bring a proper closure to football season for all, and especially the senior class! Please click here to view the final run through!


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SOFTBALL TRYOUT INFO! Jan 15th and 16th!

2021 Softball Tryout Information- Prior to January 12th all candidates must have the following items completed:

1. Clearance from the athletic training staff. • Physical on file with trainer • All forms completed Rank One

2. Give to Coach Vrba in Portable 1 • A copy of the 2020 first semester report card. • Copy of birth certificate and current utility bill.

Tryouts will be held at the GR softball complex located behind the Fieldhouse.

Date and Time: January 15 4:00pm-7:00pm January 16 10:00am-2:30pm January 18 10:00am-2:30pm

Please arrive 20 minutes before start time to complete the COVID questionnaire. Wear clothes appropriate for the weather. For tryouts bring • Glove • Cleats (molded or steel) • Bat (if you have one) • Catching equipment (if applicable) • Water • Mask

Thank you for your interest. Good luck!

Coach Vrba

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GIRLS Basketball! WINS over Elkins!

The Longhorns played Elkins in the 2nd district matchup of the year.

The JV Longhorns outscored the Rams 40-6. the team was led by Jalissa Ramirez with 8 pts. Jaziel Ramirez, Morgan and Maliha Ajibade all had 6.

The Varsity Longhorns beat the Rams 46-18 with Savannah Velazquez leading the team with 15pts and 6 steals. Lauren Stevens added 11pts. Gabby Owns rounded out the night with 10. Amillion Fowler added 8 rebounds on the night.

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Track and Field Tryouts! 11-30-2020 to 12-17-2020 - Mandatory Zoom Meeting November 18th

Attention to female students that are interested in trying out for the 2020-2021 Girl’s Track & Field Program. Mandatory Try out Practices will be from 11/30/2020 to 12/17/2020 from 4:00 to 5:30pm. A MANDATORY Pre-Try out meeting for athletes/parents was held via Zoom at 5:30-6:30pm on Wed Nov 18th .

There will be important items to discuss due to Covid-19 restrictions and changes to the program for the 2020-2021.

It is a requirement to have a current athletic physical and Rank One submitted on file PRIOR to November 30th 2020.

Athletes that are currently in in season for other sports will have the opportunity to try out for track once their seasons are finished. Parents and athletes in season are still welcomed to participate in the Zoom meeting.

The try out packet will be available from Monday 11/9/2020 through 11/29/2020. Failure to submit the tryout packet to its entirety will forfeit your opportunity to try out for the 2020-2021 school year.
Please email Coach Alicia Dutch at or for more information
You may also contact Coach Throop or Coach Brantley at or Candice.Brantley@lcisd.or

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