Veronica ;)

Visual Resume

Educational backround

The Classes that I have taken are Culinary Basics, Pastry, Cuisine, Intro to Photo, and Hotel and Travel. I enjoyed Hotel and travel because it is all about the Hotels and the inside on what it is like to work in a hotel. I would like to work in a Hotel in the future so I think I will plan on going to College for Hotel Management.


I do have a job as a server in a banquet hall called Hanging Gardens. I have been working there for about 2 years. Some things I do there are set up the tables and serve them and after clean up.


Since I have been working in the banquet hall I am starting to get really good at talking to customers. Also I am a verty good typer and I can type without looking at the keyboard.

Hobbies, Talent, Travel Family

A hobby that I enjoy doing is Badminton and I also play for the school team, also I particpitate in the club called FCCLA in which there are different events you compete in and I compete in the cookie competion. Some talents that I have are that I am good at decorating cake/deserts.


When I competed at regionals and state for the cookie competition I got first and second place.

Other things I want you to know

Some other things that I want you to know is that I have 2 brothers and 3 more sisters. :) They are all different ages starting with Amanda and she is 26 and she is married, Chris is 24 and he just got engaged, Alesha is 22 and she is going to college at Bradley University, Elizabeth is 20 and she also attends Bradley University, and lastly is my little brother Jacob and he is 14 years old and he is a Freshman this year.