Professional Soccer Player

Research about soccer by: Stephanie Pavon


Many people play soccer as a sport and other people play soccer as a career.The reasons I picked this career is because of the salary income, the benefits, and the job description.


The average range for a female soccer player is 6,000 to 37,000. Mostly the income depends on how well you perform on the field. The highest salary ever made by a female soccer player was 400,000.

Benefits of being a soccer player

The cardio workout strengthens the heart, reduces blood pressure and burns excess calories. Soccer minimizes body fat and improves muscle strength, Because of how much you work out during the week. Also, it teaches you to think faster on the spot, because soccer is a fast moving sport.

Job requirements

First, you need endurance during a soccer game a player usually runs 5-10 miles. Second experience, a soccer players play better when they know more about the game. Lastly, is your skill level. A player who wants to play professionally has to be able to control the ball. They also must be able to pass and shoot many different ways.