Corporate Event Planner

Lily Leffingwell

Job Description

The main role of a corporate event planner is to make business meetings a success. They are responsible for all activities related to the event. Just some of those responsibilities include; developing a schedule, gathering materials, finding a venue, and briefing the speakers.
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Skills, Attributes, and Personalities

  • organized
  • multi-tasker
  • handle pressure
  • effective communicator
  • leader
  • motivator

Required Training

  • bachelor's degree in marketing, public relations, or business studies
  • helps to receive certification from organizations like the Convention Industry Council
  • training and experience comes from understanding the aspects of the industry (logistics, catering, presentations)


  • Georgia - $58,606 in Atlanta
  • U.S. - $58,112
  • about 12,000 jobs available on
  • the most are in New York, D.C., Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Orlando
  • Bethesda, Maryland/ Bakersfield, California/ Bridgeport, Connecticut are the highest paid around $70,000
  • internships available in Atlanta: entry level promotions assistant, event coordinator, and catering
  • most international positions available in: China, England, Australia, Japan, and Germany

Social Networking

  • LinkedIn- connect with other professionals, track their progress, post a portfolio for employers to find you,and research/follow companies
  • American Marketing Association- find dictionaries, reports on companies, a member directory, and a Toolkit for marketing

Job Settings

  • Independent event planning firms
  • work in a company's public relations or marketing department

Cool Fact

Denver, Colorado has become on of America's hippest places to host events. It offers luxurious hotels, bank vaults converted into meeting spaces, spectacular views of the Rockies, and hundreds of microbreweries.
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