What We Want in the Rain Forest

Native Amazonian

We Were Here First!

We are Native Amazonians and we were the first people to make the rain forest a home. All of you other people can't just come here and destroy our land. You can come in the rain forest we just don't want you to come and destroy things that aren't yours. This is our land so you should have to get our permission before you just come in and do what you want. We can all share it if we work together and promote it.

What We Do!

We don't hurt the rain forest, we just live. In the rain forest we kill the animals that we need to kill to make a living. When all of you come to the rain forest and do what you want to do that hurts our rain forest. I believe that we have the best way to use our rain forest. We all want to use it but lets try to not hurt it as much and think about everyone else using the forest.


These are some things that you can locate us at. Talk to us if you have any questions! Hope you liked my board!