Items for the Week

Happy Drug Awareness Week!!

(Please read this entire newsletter, to stay up to date with things going on this week.)

Red Ribbon Week

Just a reminder: doors must be done by Wednesday. Judging will be Thursday.

Teacher of the Month

Ballots are in your mailbox. Please fill out and take to the front office, by Thursday. This is where you have a say in your peer’s hard work. Please participate! YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

Parent Teacher Conferences

You need to have a sign in sheet. Please have the following information on the sheet: student name, parent name, and parent email address. I will need a copy of each sign in sheet by Monday.

Parents should be scheduled for conferences between 10:30 and 6:30. Please keep meetings brief (max. 15 min.)

*Lunch will be provided from 1:00-1:30pm.

Computer Lab Expectations

Please teach your students to pick up their area when leaving. Earphones put back on the computer screen, chairs pushed in, etc. If you don't need the scrap paper you brought in, THROW IT AWAY.

Picture Make-Up Day is Tuesday!


Conferencing With Parents

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

To continue with parent involvement, we are going to discuss Tips for Parent Conferences. It is all about how you present your information to your student’s parents, whether it is good or bad news. You want to be able to share in a way that parents will want to partner with you and be a part of the decision making. One way to share difficult information is to utilize goals. There are 4 goals that you can share with parents when discussing troublesome behaviors. That way you are letting parents see that you are working towards something and you believe in their child.

In your mailbox you will find a packet with the 4 Goals (in detail) and Tips for Conferences. THIS IS VALUABLE INFORMATION. Take a few minutes, and read it!

Upcoming Events in October

10/9: End of 1st Quarter

10/16: 1st Quarter Award Ceremony

10/21: Staff Collaboration

10/23-10/29: Red Ribbon Week

10/30: Parent Teacher Conferences


October Character trait: SELF-DISCIPLINE

“I try my best to always do what’s right.”

Don’t forget to use those Caught with Character cards! I will be pulling cards from the bucket this week!!

Sub Folders

Please have sub/emergency folders back to me by the following week, after being absent.

Sharing Lesson Plans

I have made a folder on the webserver so everyone can see each other’s lesson plans. This could be a good way to see where the other grade levels are at in each content area. \\webserver > WebShare > 2015-2016 K-3 Lesson Plans