How to Create a Political Cartoon

by: Parker Smith


In order to create a political cartoon you need to have a certain topic you want to drawl about.
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In order for you to drawl a political cartoon you need to know what you're drawing about. You need a deep understanding of the topic if you want it to be good.

Rough Draft

It will not be perfect the first time around so you will have to practice your drawing for a little. Sketch out what you think you wanna drawl until you for sure know that's what you want.

Make sure you use symbolism

If you make your cartoon on just two people talking and show no symbolism, that is not a political cartoon. Show symbolism about the topic.

When you are done look at it and see if it makes you think to understand it.

Look at it when you’re done and see if it makes sense and yet still difficult to analyze.

Add color or shading

This will make your cartoon pop and become more alive and stand out.

Add a title or description

This will help the viewer get a better understanding of your picture. You have to be careful though because you don't want your cartoon to be to much words.