Full-Year Distance Learning

Wednesday Newsletter #5

Greetings from Mrs. Manou

We need your help with attendance!

Please email greendellattendance@pausd.org or call (650) 856-0833 any time your child misses a block for any reason. Contacting the teacher is not sufficient. Our attendance clerk, Fiona Gersh and Rene Hart, need to be notified as well.

We appreciate your support with this. The FDL program, and all public schools in California, are required to monitor student attendance, engagement, and participation during Distance Learning. These areas are clear during in-person instruction. Your help in notifying the office, allows us to better provide appropriate supports for your child.

Materials Distribution this Friday, 9/11 from 2 pm- 4pm. Location: Greendell Elementary

Some families will receive an email from their teacher inviting them to visit Greendell this Friday from 2 pm -4 pm to pick up another round of supplies. You will notice that this will be requested of our primary students more often than our upper grade. Primary students will tend to have more pickups than upper grades because it is developmentally more appropriate for these students to use pencils, paper, and hand-on activities more often.

Remember, each teacher will email their families to alert them if this "Supply/Materials Distribution" is one you need to attend. If you do not receive an email, then you are not scheduled to pick-up supplies at this time.

Greendell School Materials Pick-Up Instructions

Please drive to Greendell Elementary and follow the steps outlined below:

  • Please park your car.
  • Please wear a mask.
  • Please walk up to the indicated area on the map as "START HERE."
  • Please follow the direction of the arrows. It is one-way only.
  • Please pick up your child's materials, sorted by teacher, on the table(s) outside the MP Room.
  • Please maintain 6ft distance from others at all times.
  • Please return to your car once you reach the area indicated on the map as "END HERE" and leave campus.

Thank you!

Greendell Map with Walk-Up Instructions

Big picture

FDL and the Home Elementary Library Check-out System

Elementary schools are getting ready to begin library book checkouts similar to the Palo Alto City Library's Sidewalk Services program.

  • The specific details (how many books can be borrowed; pick-up day/time; etc.) will be different at each school.
  • FDL students have been given borrowing privileges at their home school site (the one suggested by their attendance area.)
  • Families should expect to hear from the Teacher Librarian at their home school site by next week with details.
  • If for some reason, the home school site is not correct or they prefer a different one, they should let the Teacher Librarian that emailed them know or me know.

PiE Funding Supports:

PiE funds our classroom instructional aides, who work with children individually and in small groups guided by the classroom teacher.

PiE provides funding for CASSY counselors, who provide social and emotional classroom lessons and school-based counseling with our students. Students in FDL will receive counseling from their home elementary CASSY counselor.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of music and dance in creating a well-rounded educational experience for our students. As a result of your thoughtful donation to PiE, all FDL students receive music instruction each week. Our primary students in grades K-2 receive dance in the spring!

Spectra Art

Our students also receive SPECTRA Art instruction as a result of your generous donations to PiE! This type of enrichment is unheard of in most California public schools.

Take a look at what SPECTRA Art will include during distance learning in two informative brochures below.

Video Cameras On During Instruction

To monitor student engagement, your child must keep his or her camera on during instruction. Please remind your child that the video is on the entire time when teachers give this direction. Depending on the grade level, teachers will provide the option of turning videos off during independent work time.

PAUSD Parent Tech Night: Understanding My Child's School Apps

Time and Date: 6:30PM, Tuesday, September 8 and

6:30PM, Thursday, September 10

*same topic both days

Location: ZOOM ID (coming soon)

Presenter: Emily Garrison, Ed Tech Coordinator

Topics will include:

1. Understanding Infinite Campus

2. Navigating Schoology

3. What is found in Clever.

Project Cornerstone

We are excited to offer Project Cornerstone for our FDL families! Project Cornerstone is a social emotional learning program that uses children's literature to help students become caring, confident, empathetic, and responsible citizens.

Greendell FDL and El Carmelo Elementary are partnering to adapt the program to the online format. Volunteering for grades 1-5 will look different due to distance learning and the time constraints during each teaching block. As a result, we will provide pre-recorded readings and activity lessons for teachers to post for students, with the option for teachers to coordinate with their Project Cornerstone parent volunteer to organize live activity/discussion time. Kindergarten has a separate set of books so more information will be coming soon.

We need to have one parent volunteer per classroom to support our teachers and make this program possible. You will be responsible for forwarding the email with each month's book reading and lesson recording, and possibly organizing a live activity (via Zoom) during school hours. If you want to volunteer for this program or to get more information, please fill out this brief volunteer interest form: https://forms.gle/w1nNs4T3pEkhn1t46

Thank you!

Lunch Program

Many families are experiencing reduced income due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Should you be interested in free or reduced lunch, applications are below. More information can be found here.

Families that received free or reduced lunch during the 2019-2020 school year need to reapply by September 24, 2020, to avoid being charged for meals.

If your child is eligible for free and/or reduced-price meals, he/she may also be eligible for other school program benefits when fees or costs are involved. Please always feel free to your home elementary site principal.