Wiggin Street Parent Update

May 27, 2022

Better Together

Dear Wiggin Street Families,

Thank you so much for a great first year as Principal at Wiggin Street! I sit here reflecting on the week as well as the entire year. We started the year with a staff theme of "Better Together", but it grew into so much more. The kids all adopted the theme as it was said every morning on the announcements. Then, families and the community were reminded each week in the updates because we all know that "it takes a village", and what a village it is! You all have been so supportive, and we all feel it!

It was great watching the many talents at the Talent Show on Tuesday. For many of our students, they hadn't seen a talent show before due to the pandemic. Mrs. Springer put together a wonderful program with the help of teachers. Also, we are very thankful for Leif Wiggand who donates his time each year to do sound and lights for the show. He started in 2006 when he had children at the school and has continued ever since.

On Wednesday, we had an assembly to kickoff our summer reading program. Ms. Waugh got the students all excited about water day! There is also a school Lexia goal which if met, students would have the opportunity to dump water on my head. All for the love of reading! Below this message you will find the family letters, recording sheets, and slide show. Don't forget to send in a picture of your child(ren) reading this summer for next year's slide show.

Lastly, our year ended with Kindergarten and Fifth Grade Graduation which bring all the emotions. Kindergarten presented a Junie B. Jones Graduation dressed like Junie B. after reading many of her books. Fifth Grade arrived in the traditional graduation year t-shirts, were presented with certificates and awards, and sang "Song of Peace".

Thanks again and have a wonderful summer!


Christy Grandstaff

Congratulations to our Kindergarten Graduates

5th Grade Graduation: We will miss you!

Talent Show

Teacher Talent denied!

2nd Grade Popsicle Sale

A Message from Mrs. Carlson about Peer Mediators

I’m excited to share that we are bringing the Peer Mediation Program back to Wiggin Street for this upcoming school year. Peer Mediation involves students being trained in Peaceful Problem Solving techniques to help their peers with small problems during recess.

All of the 3rd graders have been learning about how to engage in peaceful problem solving at Wiggin Street. Every Monday in May, the students have practiced concepts and strategies to effectively solve problems including identifying small problems vs. big problems, reflecting feelings, restating problems, asking open-ended vs. closed-ended questions, and practicing active listening. This past Monday, the students were able to put these lessons into action by practicing and presenting role play scenarios as Peer Mediators. They did amazing!

All 3rd graders will get the opportunity to apply to become Peer Mediators when they return as 4th graders in the fall. There will be an application that the students will bring home in the fall and parents/guardians can ask questions and give permission for their participation. If they are chosen to become a Peer Mediator, the students will receive additional training before they get started! The students will work in pairs during recess and be under the supervision of the school social worker/teacher. The Peer Mediation Program empowers students to solve problems respectfully and peacefully. We are looking forward to getting started.

Peer Mediator Training

Lost and Found

Lost and Found will be donated the second week of June, so please stop in next week if you're child is missing anything.

Friends of Wiggin Street

Friends of Wiggin St would like to thank all the parents, numerous volunteers and staff for all the support this year!!! PTO will continue to meet next school year on the first Tuesday of the month at 5:00pm.

Officers elected for the 2022-2023 school year are:

Jennifer Grassbaugh - President

Terri Lewis - Vice President

Kristen Witham - Secretary

Grey Glandon- Treasurer

Have a great Summer!

2022-23 Class Lists

Class lists will be posted August 3rd on our front doors as well as being shared through Instant Connect. They will not be going home in their report card envelopes. A lot goes into creating class lists. Teachers meet with the next grade level as well as other staff that work closely with the grade level to make sure the classes are well balanced. This continues into the summer as we are made aware of new enrollment. For these reasons, we feel it is important to wait till August to share the final lists. Thank you for understanding.

Fun summer learning opportunity

Wonderopolis.org is a free online summer-learning destination with fun, interactive STEM and literacy-building topics boosted by Maker Experiments. I plan to share this in tomorrow's parent update.
Big picture
Big picture

Upcoming Important Dates


30 Memorial Day

2022-23 District Yearly School Calendar


3 Class lists will be posted and sent through Instant Connect to parents

18 First Day of School/Staggered Start for Kindergarten

Idle-free Zone

For pick up, please do not arrive until 3:30. There is no stopping, standing, or parking on E. Brooklyn St. allowed. Also, please reminder that our school is an Idle-free Zone. Protect our children and the community by turning off your engine.