Maternity Hospitals

Maternity Hospitals In Mumbai

Becoming pregnant is like a dream come true for most women. Every woman wants to have kids of her own as kids tend to bring hope, laughter and light into peoples lives. On conceiving, it is imperative that women choose their maternity hospital with care & due consideration. According to statistics, in developing countries such as India, every eight minutes, a mother dies in childbirth. Of the remainder, a large number of women face many complications during their future pregnancies. Ninety percent of these problems can be prevented or resolved, if the right kind of medical & obstetric care is made available to these women. As, it’s better to be safe than sorry, pregnant women should opt for one of the best Maternity Hospitals in Mumbai.

These hospitals will not only provide you with the best doctors available in Mumbai, but will also counsel and guide you thoughout your pregnancy. They will also make sure that you receive that right kind of medical treatment so that you don’t face any complications in either this or your subsequent pregnancies.

The best maternity hospitals in Andheri, along with maternity hospital in Malad West, maternity hospitals in Kandivali and maternity hospitals in Goregaon have adopted a knowledge based approach to managing pregnancies. This model works on the principle that knowledge is power & that most of the pregnancy related mishaps can be prevented by simply educating expecting mothers better. In this model, pregnant women are encouraged to register early in their pregnancy with their obstetrician. The obstetrician then guides them as to the various changes one can anticipate during the different trimesters of pregnancy & starts them on nutritional supplements such as iron and folic acid. These micronutrient supplements are vital for the well being of the fetus ( folic acid deficiency can cause neural tube defects in the fetus ) as well as the well being of the mother ( to prevent anemia ). Pregnant women are taught about antenatal exercises and educated about tell tale signs of impending complications in pregnancy. By being able to predict these tell tale signs – often a major disaster can be averted.

There are three basic reasons for the high maternal morbidity and mortality in India presently. First is the lack of knowledge and awareness amidst the young women in India as to pregnancy and its demands on the mother ( both emotional and physical ). Second is failiure to initiate treatment early in pregnancy. This is usually due to either lack of good and accessible healthcare facilities or due to an attitude problem – and this often results in delayed diagnosis of complications or nutritional deficiencies in the mother. And lastly is the already overburdened health care system in India. As a consequence of this overburdened health care system – pregnant women are often not given enough time or information by their obstetrician. prevent women from getting the best medical health care in India. This can easily be averted by choosing from amongst the best maternity hospitals in Mumbai for your pregnancy care.

In a situation where women’s health care in India still has miles to go, this model of pregnancy care as adopted by some of the best maternity hospitals in Andheri, Malad West etc. has proven to be a simple and effective solution for improving maternal health. Hopefully it will pave the way for more such initiatives across other parts of the city as well.