6 Traits Of Writing

Zach Baker


Good writing has a clear message, purpose, or focus.

  • Choose a topic that interests you and fits your assignment.
  • Include details such as facts, examples, and thoughts.


Effective writing has a clear beginning , middle, and ending.

  • Topic sentence (green)
  • Main ideas with transitions (yellow)
  • Details/ tell me more sentences (red)
  • Conclusion (green)


The best writing reveals the writers voice- his or hers special way of saying things.

  • Speak in an engaging way that keeps readers wanting more
  • Show rather than tell

word choice

Good writing contains strong words, including specific nouns and verbs.

  • Use specific nouns and verbs
  • use exiting adverbs and adjectives
  • use a thesourus

sentence fluency

Effective writing flows smoothly from one sentence to the next.

  • combine short choppy sentences to longer smoother ones
  • use a variety of sentence beginnings and lengths
  • use simple compound, and and complex sentences

Six Traits Of Writing Model - A Review


Good writing is carefully edited to make sure it is easy to understand.

  • use evaluation sheet to revise
  • edit using COPS

Writing process

  • prewrite
  1. brainstorm
  2. think of ideas
  • compose
  1. rough draft
  • Evaluate
  1. look over your writing
  • revise
  1. put better words in you writing

  • Edit
  1. Fix mistakes
  • publish
  1. Sharing

Write tools

  • t-table
  • core 4 topic sentences
  • transitions
  • details/tell me more sentences(red)
  • conclusion sentences (green)
  • color scheme-/green/yellow/red
  • main ideas (green)