Sacred Twelve

Embark on the Sacred Journey Within...

Empowerment through Archetypal Astrology

Are you ready to break through your limiting beliefs, behaviors, and patterns?

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of yourself and your connection to the whole?

Are you looking to let go of your fears and find the courage to activate your highest potential?

Are you willing to re-write your stories to create the life you truly desire?

This year long empowerment program will take you on a journey through the 12 archetypes of the zodiac in conjunction with the astrological placement of the sun.

Similar to the programming code of a computer, archetypes are deeply imprinted in humanity, affecting our thoughts and our behavior. By developing conscious awareness of these archetypal forces, one can implement the lessons of each archetype, utilize its gifts, and integrate them all into the life of the whole person, creating a deeper sense of balance and unity.

Our empowerment program will help you:

  • Develop greater understanding of your own impulses
  • Become conscious of your previously unconscious archetypal identities
  • Expand your creativity, imagination, and intuition
  • Identify your life stories and learn to re-write them to create the life you desire
  • Deepen your knowledge of astrology, mythology, and depth psychology
  • Cultivate conscious relationships between your selves (Yes, each of us is a crowd!)
  • Learn to work with the natural cycles of life and feel supported by the greater whole
  • Strengthen your relationships with others using your newfound archetypal awareness

Archetypal Themes Presented in This Course

  • War vs. Peace – Aries/Libra
  • Life vs. Death- Taurus/ Scorpio
  • Student vs. Teacher- Gemini/ Sagittarius
  • Mother vs. Father- Cancer/ Capricorn
  • Self vs. Other – Leo/Aquarius
  • Judgment vs. Acceptance- Virgo/Pisces

Course Contents

  • 12 Monthly Newsletters with detailed information on each archetype and ways to connect to its energies- (creative activities, myths and legends, affirmations, yoga poses, essential oils, crystals, color schemes, and more)
  • 12 Monthly Teleclasses (A doodle poll will be used for class scheduling and recordings will be made available for those who cannot attend)
  • 12 Recorded Guided Meditations
  • Personal workbook to uncover each of the archetypal themes within you and implement them effectively in your life
  • Private Facebook Group to connect and reflect with others in the course
  • Option of a Sacred Mirror (a partner in the class to check in with, keep you motivated, and reflect back to you the progress you are making in the course.