Got Insulin?

Did you know?

What is Type 1 Diabetes? A very common chronic metabolic disorder that juveniles and young adults deal with as a result of their high blood glucose level(>126 mg/dl) due to a lack of insulin(a hormone secreted by the pancreas that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood) or a deficiency in its action.

Symptoms: Thirst, fatigue, weight loss, visual disturbances, hunger, and irritability.

Treatment: Administration of insulin (by injection, pump therapy or continuous insulin infusion), along with blood glucose self monitoring, diet and exercise.

If not treated, complications may arise resulting in nerve damage, kidney disease, eye disease, and even cardiovascular disease.

Cost of Treatment: 1500$ is the minimum cost of one patient per year.

The Chronic Care Center in Lebanon, founded in 1994, aims to provide comprehensive care for children with Type I Diabetes. The number of young Diabetics registered reached 1750 on March 2012 and is continuing to increase. Diabetic patients visit the Center every 1 to 3 months, to evaluate and follow-up on their treatment, self management skills, and to gain nutritional information.

Despite the financial and social constraints, the Chronic Care Center keeps the doors open to patients below the age of 21 and and newly diagnosed Type I Diabetic children.

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