How to be Safe Online!!

Everything you need to know about online safety!!

Daily Online Uses

Learn everything you need to know about your daily online uses!!

Use the link below to find out more information on cyber safety for teens!!

Online Safety Games for Teens

Use the link to play some really cool Online Safety and Cyber bullying games!!

How to be Safe Online!!

Friday, March 20th, 9pm

1234 Library Dr

Brighton, MI

Learn everything you need to know from your Digital footprint to online cautions!!

Come Join us at this amazing event, and learn how to be safe online!!

9:00-9:30 P.M- Introduction

9:30-10:00 P.M- Watch Cyber Safety Video

10:00-10:30 P.M- Play Cyber Safety Games

10:30-11:00 P.M- Group Recap and Discussion

11:00 P.M- Thanks and Dismissed

Some Information on Internet Safety!!

When online, you want to be aware of all of the dangers that can occur. In all of our lives, we something called a Digital Footprint. Your Digital Footprint starts before you're even born!! Here's a tip you want to remember about your Digital Footprint, be careful about what you do online, because what you do, becomes part of your Digital Footprint.

Next, here is some information on online safety.

  • When on a online chat game, turn off the chat to avoid any mean comments that could pop up
  • Avoid any sites that might seem suspicious
  • Never open any emails from a site that you don't know of
  • Make sure your anti-virus software is fully up to date
  • If you or someone is getting Cyber bullied, talk to someone about it!!
  • If you ever have pop-ups come up on your screen, use Alt and F4
  • NEVER, EVER give out any personal information to ANYONE
  • Last, but not least, you should NEVER meet with anyone you meet online!!