Jordan McCue, Devin Helms

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When choosing what to eat many factors come into play, one of these is your sense. The five senses, taste, texture, smell, hear and appearance(sight), play a huge roll when deciding what to eat. If a food doesn't please one of your senses your brain will put it in the DO NOT EAT category and you'll ignore that food or dislike it. Obviously if the appearance of a meal is unappealing you aren't going to want to eat it, so you pick something else to eat. Also, your brain associates foods with your senses, it uses your past experience with foods to determine if you like a food or not. For example you're trying to find something to eat at a restaurant and you find something that sounds good but it has spinach in it. You have a not so pleasant past experience with spinach, you think it tastes bad and looks gross, so you decide not to order that meal. Overall your senses play a huge part of deciding what you are going to eat.
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Personal Example- Jordan

My personal example is that I don't like watermelon, or really any melons. I like the flavors of the melons but I cannot stand the texture of melons. The flakey texture is something that i find gross and displeasing, so I don't eat it. This affects what I eat because I don't eat a lot of fruits because of my disgust for melons. Also when deciding what I want from the fruit bowl at a dinner I'm the one annoying person who takes forever to pick out fruits because I nudge around all the melons and go for the grapes and strawberries. As you can see I like the flavor, taste, and smell of melons but I CAN'T stand the texture of them, so I avoid them at all costs.