Fayetteville, Arkansas


Spoofer's Stone

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During the beginning years of the University of Arkansas males and females were not allowed to associate. This unfortunate rule caused many students to want to rebel against the school to show their infatuation for each other. Luckily the builders had left a giant piece of limestone in the lawn of the school, students started to put love letters in the cracks for the people they had feelings for. The Spoofer's Stone became a popular place for proposals in which they would also take a piece of the stone as a memento. Over the years it started to wear down so students decided to put in on a preserved foundation where it will be there for many years to come. Spoofer's stone is and will always be a important part of the University of Arkansas.

Senior Walk

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Senior Walk is one of the oldest traditions as well as longest in length. Stories vary on which one is correct but it is said that after the class of 1905 the walk was made. It is on a sidewalk and they engrave the year you graduated and everyone puts there names on it. A few years later, the class of 1904 added their names on the sidewalk, and each graduating class since then has had their names engraved in the walk. Originally names were stamped on the concrete, but in 1986 they decided to switch in to engravings. University Physical Plant employees invented the Sand Hog, which is a machine designed specifically for the purpose of etching the names in Senior Walk. More than 120,000 graduates are now listed on Senior Walk.


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The Razorbug is a new addition to the traditions of the University of Arkansas. It's purpose is to promote higher education and goodwill of razorbacks nationwide.The Razorbug makes appearances at numerous events throughout the year, including Razorback football games, high school visits, alumni events, and various community festivals. It will be limited to it's public appearances which benefit the creation of need-based scholarships for students attending the University of Arkansas. It's primary mission is to assist the Office of Admissions in efforts to attract qualified students to the University of Arkansas.