The History of Communication

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Early forms of communication.

Communication has evolved throughout the millenniums as there was telephones, morse code, letters , mobile phones ect. Morse code was used in the World War I and World War II as a form of communication. People who use it are trained, to use it and communicate with others who also use it. Morse code is a complex form of communication used in the World War A.K.A Great War. Well let's start with a more earlier form of communication.

It is called, " Cave Paintings ", it is dated back over 40,000 years ago and it is the oldest form of communication. It consists of paintings that tells you something, for example, it might say "Stay away from the tree as there is venomous snakes".

Next up is the town crier, they are employed by the king to report the news, they are mostly common at the markets because there are more people buying. They employ town criers because people might not know how to read or write, but they still have the senses, hear, see, feel, taste.

Modern forms of communication.

Alrighty, next is the letter; letters are used in the 17th century to today, it is used to write to people like pen pals and tell them something. The letter is one of the most common ways to communicate to people all around the world. Fun fact : Once you are 100 you recieve a letter from Queen Elizabeth.

Then it's the radio, the radio can be transletic, digital ect. Radios have evolved through out the century and is one of the most common used communication. The radio is now a complex form of communication. It was used in the 19th century.

Next up, is the most popular type of communication is the telephone, cellphone and smartphone. Phones are very simple and was used in the 19th century. Smartphones are phones that has touch-screen and is very helpful for deaf people. Cellphones were phones that are still used today, there are brands like Nokia, Motorola ect. Telephones were quite popular in the 19th century where they had to spin the thing on the telephone.

The Television is one of the most popular communication as many people from around the world use it. Televisions are used to tell you news, or entertain you. It is very helpful if you dont know what is happening around the world.

Last but not least is the World Wide Web, the WWW is the most popular communication ever, as almost everyone uses it. It can be complex or simple and can be used to teach you something, for example; the hole in the wall project where kids that didn't know english were given an old computer, they used it and learnt english within a week. The World wide web has famous websites like facebook, twitter, youtube ect.

Non-verbal forms of communication

The Non-verbal forms of communication is quite popular with deaf and blind people. The most common one is the body language, people use body language to express their emotion for example if you're crossing your arms the person will know off by heart that you're cross.

Sign language is very easy and can be learned within a couple of days. Braille is invented by Samuel Morse and is used by blind people who cannot see, you can see the Braille alphabet above.

Non-Verbal Communication - The Documentary