Life in RUF

at William and Mary

Dear Friends

I hope you are enjoying the end of another year. Looking back on my year I see a lot of changes. Our staff of RUF at William and Mary shrank from four to three. I became responsible for women of every year. I went from co-leading one Bible Study to two and additional one-on-one studies. We've had seniors leave and a new generation of leaders in RUF rise up. I've taken a short course in leading women through sensitive conversations about sexuality. I'm still meeting new students and getting to know them, but I'm also starting to ask more difficult and personal questions of the upperclassmen.

I want to make a request of you to donate once more this year, an extra Christmas donation. You have today and tomorrow to donate this year and have it impact your tax returns this coming new year. By my calculations, I am about $3,000 short of my full second year budget (a total of $29,176). You can donate here. This is amazing. Thank you for generously supporting the ministry of bringing up college students to seek wisdom and God. I can hardly believe that we have come this far.

I am deciding where to go after this second year. Please pray for me, give me a call, send a text- I'd love to tell you what I'm thinking through. I will be in San Antonio January 5 through January 12th. I would love to meet up and talk in person if you are in San Antonio. Send me an email at and let's plan it!

Happy New Year!


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