By: Lindsey Cave


  • Nicotine is smoking, it causes long term health problems than any other drug.
  • its a stimulant drug
  • and its legal


  • rohpnol come in a form of a pill, or sometimes in a powder mixed with a drink, or put into someones drink.
  • its a depressent drug
  • and its illegal in the US

Cocaine + Crack

  • Makes people feel energetic, talkative, alert and euphoric.
  • It's a stimulant drug.
  • and cocaine crack is illegal.

Crystal Meth

  • Higher doses cause irritability, confusion, hullucinations, anxiety, paranioa, and increased aggression. Even higher doses can cause hyperthermia, convulsions, and lead to death.
  • it's a stimulant drug
  • Crystal meth is legal
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