...Who Was... Laura Ingalls Wilder

By: Dominique Megee

Laura Ingalls Wilder

was a pioneer girl born in 1867, on February 7th. She had a dog named Jack. Laura had a older sister named Mary Ingalls, and her younger siblings Carrie Ingalls, Grace Ingalls, and Charles Frederick Ingalls. Her parents were Charles Ingalls and Caroline (Quiner) Ingalls. Laura died February 10th 1957 in Mansfield MO.

What did she do?

Laura Ingalls Wilder was a pioneer author. She based her books from her young life. Surprisingly, people enjoyed her books. She was kind, caring, funny, courageous, and hard working for her writing.

Impact on the world?

Laura found herself writing for a career. Her occupation was a writer, teacher, journalist, and family farmer. From 1882 to 1885 Laura taught school in South Dakota. She wrote from 1911 to 1957. Her notable works were, Little House on the Prairie and the Little House Books.

Should we be more like her?

We should in fact be more like Laura and write about our lives, or just write in general. We should travel around to see what and where we would like to live or work. We all need to have a hard working ethic and dream big. We should be able to have that satisfaction. Laura was a good person for the most part, we all should be that way.

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