Scared of Being Bullied at School?

Most parents or teachers don't know everything bullies do or what their victims go through. I think bullies should be expelled or long suspended from school, not only because they'll be away but a lot of other reasons as well. Mostly because it stops most of the bullying, it teaches bullies the consequences, and the victims of the bullying become less scared.
The difference between joking and bullying is as vast as night and day. If the bully is away the bullies victims will start coming back to school. Kids who bully are more likely than other kids to to skip or drop out of school, smoke, drink alcohol, get into fights, and end up in Jeuvinille Justice System. Most bullies bully because they don't want to be bullied themselves or they want to be "cool". Bullies think if your different you don't belong. They will pick on anyone who seems weird or doesn't fit a bullies liking.
Not only will the bully be gone but they will also learn the consequences of being a bully. Even though it's a law, people still get away with bullying. When the bullies are expelled or suspended they're also away from there friends and other bullies as well. They will be out of school activities and extra curricular subjects like math counts or robotics. Most teachers and parents never know that their student or child is bein severely bullied. A bully's turf expands way beyond a classrooms. They go into after school sorts as well. Taking them out of those sports and away from their friends and their victims will help not have problems or bullying anymore.
Students who have been bullied are more likely to skip school, have lower self-esteem, be depressed, lonely, have health problems, and think about suicide or self harm. Victims will become less depressed, and less loosing interest in social life and schoolwork if a bully is away. From bullying young people have committed suicide. Bullies will pick on whatever differences they can find. Kids who are bullied often want to "last out". That is why we see three out of four school shutting involve bullying in some way. Everyday about 160,000 kids skip school for fear of being harassed or attacked by a bully or their classmates. More than 40 percent of victims don't tell anyone they're being bullied. Instead, the suffer in silence.
Some parents may say "I don't want my child getting expelled or long suspended because we can't just move to another district" Well, my answer to that is they will be signed up for cyber or home schooling with their district as soon as possible. Then, they will still be learning at home and it won't effect their education or learning experience.
Most kids are very scared or terrified of going to school for the fear of getting bullied then coming home crying in verbal or physical pain. Some reasons I think bullies should be expelled or long suspended from school for bullying is, It will stop most of the bulling, It teaches bullies the consequences, and the victims of bullies will be less scared.


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