Jackie Colombie

Getting to know the real ME

My Contact Information:

751 Niles Road
New Hartford, CT 06057

Home: (860)-482-1166

Cell: (860)-806-4006

E-Mail: jaccolombie@gmail.com

My Education:

I graduated from Northwestern Regional #7 High School in the class of 2014. Throughout my four years I had a 3.325 GPA and was ranked 50th out of 196. On the SAT I scored a 1660, scoring 520 on the Reading portion, 540 on the Math portion and a 600 on the Writing portion. I was on the honor roll as well. I was in the band for all four years, playing the alto, tenor and baritone saxophone. I also took Spanish (Freshman to Junior Year)and Honors English (Sophomore to Senior Year) for three years.

My Athletic Career:

Throughout high school I played three sports. I played basketball (JV as a Freshman and Sophomore, Varsity as a Junior and Senior)and softball(JV as a Freshman and Sophomore, Varsity as a Junior and Senior) all four years and soccer (JV as a Junior, Varsity as a Sophomore) for two years. I also received scholar athlete awards throughout my career for having an 88 average or higher while playing a sport. I received these awards for JV softball (Freshman and Sophomore Years), JV basketball (Sophomore Year) and Varsity softball (Junior Year).

My Previous Job Experience:

During summer 2012 I worked part time on Fridays at Village Hair Care (Junction of Rt. 202 and 219 New Hartford, CT 06057). I worked from around 8:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night doing many tasks including reception work, making appointments and menial upkeep tasks like sweeping hair and maintaining the supply of towels and certain hair styling tools (combs, perm rods, etc).

My Skills:

I am proficient in Spanish and know how to operate Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint. I am a skilled writer and poet as well. I am sociable, extremely outgoing and friendly. I have a positive attitude in everything I do.

My Interests:

I most of my free time writing creatively, hanging out with my friends and listening to music. At the beginning of my junior year I wrote a poem describing my school's core values and beliefs and what it means to be a Highlander (our mascot). I gave a copy to my principal. At the end of my junior year the poem was used as part of an award, The Highlander Award because it described the qualities that a true Highlander has. As a senior the poem was published in the front of the agendas that are given to all of the students in the high school. I am also a dedicated fan of the New England Patriots and a supporter of the New York Yankees. I hope to find a future career that involves my passion for sports and writing.

All About Me:

I grew up in New Hartford, Connecticut with my parents, younger brother and dog. I enjoy spending time with my family, watching sports and eating home cooked food. I am Hungarian and Italian and have visited the large portion of my family in Hungary for two weeks back in 2011. I also enjoy spending my summer at my cottage on Otis Reservoir in Massachusetts.

My References:

Stacey Zematis (860)-379-8525

Fred Williams (860)-379-8525

Amy Dressel (860)-379-8525