Yellow Ribbon Community Training

Thursday, November 12th at 7:00pm in the CCCHS Library

Be A Link

I would like to encourage all of the community members that are available to come to this training to please make plans to attend from 7:00-8:00pm at CCCHS tomorrow. This is a good training to help us all recognize the warning signs of suicide and how to talk to our kids about the importance of good mental health. There is no need to RSVP, just show up!

What is Yellow Ribbon Training?

“Yellow Ribbon is a grass-roots, community based, volunteer organization developed to serve youth and the communities that surround them, and to address youth/teen suicide through public awareness, education and training to help communities build new and/or strengthen existing programs.”

Clay County received a grant to create a suicide prevention coalition. Through this grant and the coalition, we have created district policy and practices when dealing with a suicide threat and found ways to enhance our student’s awareness of their own mental health.