How has technology changed Movies?

By Siret Malhi

How has colour changed Movies?

How has colour changed movies well it has made it a whole better thats for sure! In my opinion colour has changed movies by heaps it is unimaginable it has changed it so much!


Animation is something that is so common and well known there are all sorts of ways to create cartoons and animations. Some of the ways are by making a flip book of drawings of actions. You can also create animation by having heaps of clay models.

Animation is a cartoon, cartoons can also be seen on T.V and in movies.

Green Screen

Green Screen has also been very useful in the movie making industries for a few years. It has created things much easier and better. It has great quality in making sensational backgrounds for movies.


Sound is so important in movies industries and in real life. Sound is very popular and lots of movies have it. Some movies without sound are called mimes they are mimes and other movies without sound, but there are more movies with sound and people adore it!

Facts! ☺

  • The first movie with sound was Don Juan
  • The first coloured movie was the 'The Wizard of OZ'

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras have changed movies a lot now movies are effective, amazing and terrific! It has also made shooting better and easier because it has more mega pixels.