NCVPS Professional Learning

May 9, 2016

Finishing Up / Final Week

We have reached our final week of this PL. It has been a pleasure to work and grow with each of you. We have found your group to be super awesome! As we prepare to finish, here is a reminder about some important information:

  • The final module, "Lessons Learned", has 2 assignments for you to submit. These assignments should be submitted prior to the required LC for this module.
  • The final LCs are schedule for 8 PM on either Wednesday, May 11 or Thursday, May 12. We will use BB Collaborate.
  • Once you have completed the PL course, there will be a final evaluation that will prompt you to complete 2 different surveys. In order to have a certificate of completion generated and emailed to you, you MUST complete these two surveys.
  • If any of your work needs to be revised or resubmitted, you will be contacted via email to revise it.

Final Learning Conversation

For this week's final Learning Conversation, we wanted to share the questions in advance. Please review these and be prepared to respond to the following questions listed below.

As a reminder, the LCs will be hosted in BB Collaborate and will be Wednesday, May 11 or Thursday, May 12. Both LCs start at 8 PM.

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Please have all work for this PL submitted by Sunday, May 15 at 11:59 PM.

An Awesome Resource for CC

This past weekend, I saw a tweet that connected to a great resource on Creative Commons. The tweet connected a blog by Jane Park on is sponsored by Common Sense Media and is an excellent site for information about technology and related issues. I encourage to check out this site for some great information on CC and some teaching issues for students. Below is a short video that provides an explanation of CC licenses. This video may be good to introduce CC to your class or colleagues. I encourage you to check out this terrific blog for many great resources and ideas for teaching about CC.
Creative Commons Kiwi

What's in an attribution?

Attributions allow for proper credit to be provided when using an online resource. We recommend that instructors follow the TASL format.

  • T = Title (give the proper title of the work)
  • A = Author (provide the name of the author, creator, or owner)
  • S = Source (where can the resource be found)
  • L = License (include the type of license provided for using the work)

A great exemplar showing a proper attribution is listed below. It comes from Erin Maccarelli. In her attribution, Erin listed the title of the work (NASA MARCbot), the author (swimfinfan), the source (, and the license (CC 2.0). Great job to Erin for following the TASL method.

For more about proper attributions, visit

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Finishing Up with Final Assignments & Revising Assignments

Most of the assignments have been graded with the exception of the Fair Use: the Power of Transformativeness and those included in the final module. We have reached out to those who need to revise any assignments. Be sure to check your email for any additional assignments that may need to be revised. Remember if you have any questions, please contact Brian Whitson or Lydia Richmond.

Certificates of Completion Issued by early June

Certificates of Completion will be generated once instructors have completed the final evaluations and all work has been verified as complete. You will receive your certificate of completion via your NCVPS email address. This should be available by early June. If you need to have your certificate of completion completed earlier, please email Brian Whitson. Once you receive your certificate of completion, you should store it digitally to your computer or print it out. Instructors are responsible for submitting the certificate of completion to their LEA or other sponsoring agency for renewal credits. NCVPS does not specify the type of credit to be offered (technology, content, etc). It is the decision of the LEA or sponsoring agency to determine how to count the CEUS.