King George the lll

Brooklynn Weyland

Important facts

.He got took care of by his mother who was Scottish.

.He was 41 years old when he was the king of England

.He was born June 4 1738 and died January 29 1820

.His Father died In 1751 Way before King George the lll Died

Family life

King George the lll had 3 sisters and a dad and a mom. He was really close to his family but most of the love came from his dad so you can say that he is closer to his dad then any other.

Famous for

King George the lll was famous for being the King of England during the American Revolutionary was. People didn't like him but he liked himself.

Role In the Revolution

When the war was about to happen he would tell the soldiers to start the war and end the war too.

Life In the Revolution

when the Revolution was over he died when he was shot right in the brain area