Sound Walls 101

Connecting Phonemes to Graphemes

Sound Walls 101

Sounds Walls support students in understanding the connection between sounds (phonemes) and letters (graphemes). The first step to Sound Wall success is for the teacher to be able to explain the 44 phonemes (smallest unit of sound) of English. This information is designed to be an introduction for teachers to English phonemes and how those phonemes can be organized and presented to students in the form of a Sound Wall.

Step by Step

In this section, the above presentation is segmented so that you can reference portions as needed.
Sound Walls 101 Intro
sound walls stops
sound walls nasals
sound walls fricatives
sound walls affricates
sound walls glides
sound walls liquids
sound walls vowel valley
sound walls examples
sound walls use in classroom


Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teachers 3rd Edition, Dr. Louisa Cook Moats

Padlet: Kastner Collection: Sound Wall Resources (free mouth pictures available here)

Padlet: Kastner Collection: Sound Walls: From the Implementers (percentage of grapheme use resource available here)

Podcast: Mary Dahlgren - Retire Your Word Wall

App: OG Card Deck - free for Apple and Android devices

Literacy How Phoneme Articulation

Rollins Center Phoneme Articulation

Presentation Slides

Sound Icons

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