What's the Buzz in Ms. B's Room

From the kids!

January 2015

This newsletter will give monthly updates on what's happening in 3rd grade Primary Talent Pool, and 4th/5th grade Gifted and Talented groups. Other than the reminders I have included for you, it is written by the students. My 3rd grade language arts group is in charge of entering and editing the material each month.


  • 4th and 5th Grade: Dreamfest permission forms are due by Thursday, Feb. 12th.

  • NKU is hosting Dr. Tracy L. Cross on Saturday, February 21st for a FREE session on meeting the social-emotional needs of gifted youth. There will be a session with Dr. Cross for parents, teachers and others who are interested. Simultaneously, there will be sessions for students of all ages to attend. This event will be at NKU. You can click HERE to register.

3rd Grade Language Arts

January Authors: Bri W. and Kaysey L.

This month, we are learning about how to replace a boring word, like said, with a more exciting word like screamed. It is called Word Choice. We are learning how to describe more in our writing too. Do you know some artists draw gigantic heads and really small bodies? These are called caricatures. On the heads we have been drawing a lot of details, and some things that aren't quite normal. On my picture, one of the things I drew was fire in the eyes so that people knew that my character was hot without me saying it. Then we wrote about the details we drew.

By Brianna Lee Walters

We have been using a Thesaurus to help us turn a boring word into a more exciting word. In the second picture at the top, Ms. B gave us a word and we had to look in the Thesaurus to find a synonm for it. Then we wrote different words on the colors. We try not to use boring words as much.

We have also been working on an animal project where we have to write facts about our animal. We used a book or an iPad. When we're finish with the project, we have to make a book about it. We have been having a lot of fun in Ms. B's room!

By Kaysey Lemarbe

Ms. B

I hope you enjoyed the students' first edition of our newsletter. They requested that I include a picture of me in the third grade. You can always e-mail me at sara.butts@newport.kyschools.us, if you have any questions.