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Volume 11 November 11, 2023

Jodie Maddox Parent Coach and Education Consultant

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Unlocking the Possibilities!!!

Dear Friends,

It's November!!!! I am in LOVE with this time of year. The yummy decadent recipes, fun traditions and activities, and of course reconnecting with loved ones during the holiday season makes my soul happy. However, we cannot pretend that this time of year is always relaxing and simple for everyone. These next two months can easily become filled with added stress, unnecessary extra commitments, and pressure for perfection. So, in this issue, we are going to prioritize YOU! This is the perfect time for a reminder that your energy level and mental health set the tone and pace for your whole family. So let’s move self-care to the TOP of your holiday list.

Before we begin to transform our homes into winter wonderlands, fill our shopping lists with wants and needs, and pack our calendars with activities and responsibilities; let's find ways to make sure our minds, bodies, and souls are in the right mental and physical space to nurture and care for others during this holiday season.

With A Grateful Heart,

Jodie Maddox

Parent Coach and Education Consultant

p.s. If you are wondering why I have a mountain sunrise as my background for self-care and holiday prep .... in two weeks my children will be home from Denver and Dallas ... Bring it!!!

Skills for Success!

Prioritizing Selfcare

Taking the time to care for yourself is not selfish: it's the fundamental aspect of fostering a healthy and fulfilling family life. Busy moms and dads often feel as if self-care is indulgent, and it easily becomes the last item on the long list of priorities every parent feels shackled too.

However, self-care is essential for parents to maintain physical and mental health, prevent burnout, and foster positive healthy relationships. To give, we must feel full ourselves. Your cup can not be empty and effectively care and respond to the little (or big) people in your life. When we are frustrated and tired, we usually give frustrated and tired responses to all the questions, activities, and tasks that life throws our way daily. When we take time to prioritize our mind, body, and soul; taking care of others comes a little easier and will likely be laced with a little grace and gratitude.

Here are 10 easy ways to emotionally and physically care for yourself. Keep it simple, pick one or two, and start prioritizing your YOU!

  1. Establish a self-care routine. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly … put it on your calendar and make it a priority. Make this time sacred and mandatory.

  2. Prioritize nutrition and exercise. Eat a healthy balanced diet. Meal prep and plan menus with your kids. Keep your nutrition and exercise needs in mind, not just your kids. Hydrate!!!

  3. Prioritize sleep, rest, and relaxation for important brain health. Give your mind and body time to rejuvenate.

  4. Set boundaries with your relationships, calendar, tech time, and especially work.

  5. Connect with others. Find time to meet a friend for a walk, coffee, exercise class, or even a FaceTime happy hour with a friend from another state. Healthy positive relationships are easy and essential ways to care for ourselves. Stay away from gossip and negative people.

  6. Take time to dream and create. Get a hobby. Sketch, paint, have a garden, craft, write poetry, play music, dance.

  7. Get into nature. Discover the outdoors with fresh air, sunshine, and animals. Walk your dog, watch the birds, go fishing.

  8. Journal your thoughts. Find time to dig into your thoughts and feelings on paper. Release thoughts that might be holding you back or keeping you trapped in negativity or resentment.

  9. Practice daily prayer. Find intentional time to nurture and feed your soul. Pray, meditate, or listen to spiritual or instrumental music. Practice and nurture your own faith life.

  10. Find an emotional/spiritual accountability partner.

Health and Wellness Corner - Dr. Ross

Nutrition for balanced hormones

Certain foods or herbs contain specific nutrients that help to support your hormone balance, stress response, and overall emotional and physical well-being. Remember that all of these foods can be included, I’m simply highlighting why they can be supportive for each hormone below.

Food for healthy and balanced estrogen levels:

Ground flax


Broccoli sprouts



Food for healthy and balanced progesterone levels:

Dark Chocolate


Leafy greens

Pumpkin Seeds

Citrus fruits and vegetables: oranges, bell peppers, kiwi

Tips for healthy and balanced cortisol levels and stress response:


Healthy Fats

Eat consistently

Have caffeine 1-2 hours after waking and preferably after breakfast

Eat the rainbow!

Remember that a balanced and varied diet is key to overall health and hormone balance. Additionally, individual responses to these foods can vary, so it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional or nutritionist for personalized guidance, especially if you have specific health concerns or conditions!

Parent Corner

Should I Hire A Parent Coach?

Are you ready to feel supported and appreciated? Are you needing to bring peace to your home? This year for Christmas consider investing in a parent coach. In just 10 short weeks I can help change the dynamic of your family! Focused together on your needs, we can drastically minimize stress and help bring peace and stability to your home. I love working with families as they navigate the process of strategic improvement and growth. I especially like working with families with teenagers, and children with ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, or other neurodivergent abilities. Helping parents rediscover the joy and unique gifts of their family is a true privilege.

If you are interested in a free consultation, to gain more insight into the coaching process, contact me today.

Facebook Live Event!!!!

A Professional Perspective

An Open Conversation with A Child Psychologist and Parent Coach

We are so excited about the response to our Facebook events! Thank you for your support, we are so pleased the topics are connecting with each of you! Here is a list of upcoming topics and dates.

November 14th - 4 Skills that Help Build Healthy Coping Skills

November 30th - How do I know when to have my child screened for dyslexia?

December 14th - Co-parenting discussion & strategies for working with schools.

Join Dr. Tish Taylor - Licensed Child Psychologist and Education Consultant, along with Mrs. Jodie Maddox - Special Educator, School Administrator, Parent Coach, and Education Consultant, Live on Facebook starting in September.

Live broadcast begins at 7:45 pm.

Discussions are recorded and can be viewed on Facebook if you miss the live event.

Join my Facebook group for more information about topics and to register for the event!

School Corner

I have loved providing professional development for so many schools in the Kansas City area. This month I will be traveling to Western Kansas and Central Missouri to work with teachers on differentiated instruction specifically designed to support children diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, and anxiety. I'd love to come to work with your school! My background, passion, and focus have always been to help empower teachers and parents who work with children with special considerations. I offer a wide range of professional development to help foster a culture of inclusion and acceptance for all learners. I am also proud to support education professionals with a full range of instructional and leadership coaching. Contact me today, I can't wait to partner with you and your school!

Let's work together to make a difference for families with love and support in mind. For a description and full list of topics I am currently offering click here.