Our Genius Hour


We chose this topic because during art class we saw Vincent Van Go's art piece called "Starry Night," when we saw this painting we felt so inspired by this detailed piece. So we decided to change our passion during Genius Hour to art!! We believe that everyone should have a change to express there self through art. Every religion has a different way and style of art. We want everyone to bring in their ideas to create a big masterpiece!! Colorblind people also need to have a change to look at these colors and feelings!! Even the blind!! So for our Genius Hour we are creating our own business and trying to create a type of color for colorblind people to see. Many people have failed, but we think we can do it!! We have the strength , Great creativity, and no limit imagination. Many children around the world don't have time for this. They don't have time to express their art. We will help children help see that art is the key to great imagination and positive . With art there is no limit of designs and colors. With art you can make your own world. With your likes. Your feelings. Your freedom. Art isn't something you need to do. It is a Passion. It brings family and friends together. Art isn't for you, it is for everyone to enjoy.