RRSD Community Update

February 7, 2022

District #35 Happenings

February is here, and that means the 2nd half of the school year is officially underway.

Please take the time to look at the Kudos section. We have a lot of employees to celebrate right now, and we want to make sure they get the attention they deserve. Let's get to it!

Pot Holes and Speed Bumps:

  • Covid-19 continues to have a daily impact in our schools. Quarantines and sickness have had major impacts on our student attendance and our staffing levels. Our staff continue to stretch beyond their limits to support, help, fill in, and keep our doors open every day.

  • Our HS graduation rates have taken a two year dip over the 19-20 and 20-21 school years, not surprisingly coinciding with the pandemic and distance learning. Our team is exploring many strategies to help our students during the pandemic and beyond so we can get them to the finish line. I am confident our graduation rates will improve moving forward.

Celebrations and Successes:

  • Through the Herculean efforts of our staff, we have kept our doors open to students every day. Thank you to every staff member who has gone above and beyond to support and fill in when asked.

  • Rogue River's two high school robotics teams (Frog Force Robotics and Robogoats) and its middle school team (Crab Lads) participated in the state qualifying tournament in Roseburg this weekend. Both high school teams advanced to the finals and participated in playoffs. Frog Force Robotics was a part of the winning alliance and will advance to the state tournament in March. Great work to all involved!

Looking Ahead:

  • The Rogue River FFA Beef Feed will be on the Rogue River FFA Facebook page this year due to complications with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Around 60 lots will be auctioned off by silent auction. Supporters will simply leave a comment on the picture for each lot with their bid. There will also be a place for people to donate to our scholarship fund if they wish. We are also excited to offer a drive-thru BBQ featuring our famous tri-tip. The auction catalog and pictures will be uploaded to the Facebook page February 5th, as well as a link to the Google form for ordering tri-tip. Supporters will be able to bid on items February 11th – 13th. Items won, as well as tri-tip can be picked up and paid for at the high school February 18th 3:30-7:00. Cash and Checks made to RR FFA are acceptable forms of payment. We will not be taking credit cards. We look forward to being back in the Rogue River Jr/Sr High School Gym February 4 for RR FFA Beef Feed 2023. https://fb.watch/b1dzTBZE_t/

  • February 17 and 18, there are no students attending school. Elementary and SVA will have Parent Teacher Conferences, and the JR/SR HS will have professional development.


  • Janice Harlacher: Janice has been a rock in the midst of the COVID storm getting subs, helping cover staffing shortages, all while serving staff, students, and families with a smile and a laugh. She is simply outstanding!

  • Josh O' Gorman: The elementary school P.E. teacher is a positive uplifting human. He is fun, funny and creates opportunities for team building and collaborative interaction that supports classroom and playground behavior.

  • Trayce Jensen: She has stepped up to support students in our after school tutoring program, and is consistently working on ways to support students in any capacity necessary.

  • Andrea Bowen: Andrea has been an asset to our 4-6 Special Education team. She also helps navigate the emotional and social needs of our 6th graders which helps our school be a healthier and more productive place.

  • Desiree Forbuss: Although Desiree is an SOESD employee, she has been a daily sub in our building and that has been so important for us maintaining a safe and productive learning environment. Desiree has filled in for instructional assistants and teachers alike and always arrives with a ready to serve attitude. Our students and staff are so appreciative.

  • Robert Lamphere: Robert has helped develop an amazing environment at SVA and has also brought the game of chess into many students' lives. A chess club is in the works!!

  • Title Team: Kelsey Casey, Suzanne Beebe, Rebecca Kinsey, Amber King:

    Our school is growing academically and these ladies are pushing in to every classroom in the school and supporting intensive readers with patience and clarity.

  • Fourth Grade: We are proud of how Mike Longnecker, Cory Aikin and Heidi Bosworth are supporting each other and our students. Their students are growing at rapid rates. In addition, they are working together to support each other in new gradebook, Enhanced Reading Core Instruction and daily activities for COVID safety.