Classes to align, strengthen and unfold graceful posture


Floor Barre

Class is based on Classical Ballet Technique working with the support of the floor and the use of gravity. Attention is given to the correct alignment of the body through out a movement with the appropriate dynamic and inner feeling and awareness of the muscles.
The learned information can be beneficial when adapted into the normal habitual patterns of daily life. For the dance student, such training rapidly advances their normal training in the dance studio.
Floor Barre Classes are offered in a 1-1 or in a Small Group setting.


My work ethic is to offer each student personal and precise instruction and information. The student's focus is drawn inward, developing their concentration and their own personal inner awareness of the movement and the muscles required. These are essential elements for a student's development.
After many years of teaching combined with my tenacious attention to the fine details, I have seen great progress in students once they have received good information and personalised it. With consistent guided practice a re-training and strengthening of the body occurs, with sense of grace, poise and elegance following quite naturally.
My class structure has evolved over many years and combines elements from diverse disciplines, a culmination of my personal enquiry and teaching.


Ballet has been my life long passion, a journey of over 37 years.
I began Ballet at five years and at seventeen and left Dublin (Ireland) to train professionally as a ballet dancer at The Bush Davies School and then further at Laine Theatre Arts in England; I performed professionally with PACT Ballet Company, South Africa and then trained professionally as a ballet teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance, London, specialising in Vocational Level. I am a fully registered teacher with The Royal Academy of Dance, London.
My curiosity to further understand and inter-connect the body with the movement (including its texture and dynamic) and to deliver a clear and precise connection between the two for my students, continues to fuel my own personal and professional development.
My teaching style and approach to class and to my student's is enriched with my love of dance. I continue as I first began in Ballet, as a dancer and maintain my own technical level with Professional Ballet Training at Marameo (Berlin), along with regular Yoga practice. As a ballet teacher, I find my inspiration from various sources including; Eric Franklin (Dance Imagery), Ester Juon - Pointe Shoe Fitting (Training completed), Feldenkrais, Body-Work, Psychology, Anatomy and Nature.
September 2012, I began a youth ballet project: Pointe of Balance. I offer interested ballet students the opportunity to experience training in a simulated company environment with a focused theme and performances. The project currently offers nine ballet student's from various schools in and around the Freiburg area, ballet training and choreography on Saturday afternoons. A co-operation link was also made with art students of The Hochschule für Kunst, Design and Popular Musik, Freiburg. We are delighted that professional photographer, Bernd Schumacher has joined the project. The performances will take place on 2 and 3 of May 2013. You can follow the dancers and the project on-line at:


Private 1-1 Training
Duration: 1hour
Price: 55€

Small Group Training*
Duration: 1hour
Price: 15 - 25€ per person (depending on group size)

*Please contact Deirdre for Small Group Training times and price.
Deirdre also teaches Floor Barre Classes at Next Step, Freiburg.

Private and Group Training in Ballet and Pointe Work
Coaching for Ballet Examinations Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Vocational Level
Preparation for Auditions
Workshop's in Repertoire

Please contact Deirdre O' Neill ARAD, RAD RTS
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