1939 World Series

New York Yankees sweep the Chicago Reds

New York's fourth consecutive series won

The New York Yankees sweep the Cincinnati Reds 4-0 to continue their four year World Series winning streak, and went 4-0 for the second consecutive world series.

Yankee coach and players set records

Joey McCarthy, Yankee manager, won his fifth series that year, tying the world record with the Philadelphia Athletics manager Connie Mack. Yankee Rookie, Charlie Keller, led the Yankees that series with three home runs, seven hits, eight runs scored, six RBIs, and a .438 batting average. Keller set a world record by scoring two home runs in one world series game, as a rookie. Junior Thompson of the Cincinnati Reds also tied a world series record by giving up four home runs in four innings played.

Record Holders

1919 Scandal

This was the first time the Cincinnati Reds had appeared in the world series since the 1919 world series scandal between the Chicago White Sox and the Reds. Several members of the White Sox placed bets against themselves, and purposely lost the series to receive their money. Multiple members of the White Sox were banned from major league baseball.

The 1939 World Series winning New York Yankees

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1939 World Series runner ups Cincinnati Reds

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Joe DiMaggio

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Joe DiMaggio is the first player to have ever won four world series in their first four years of play, and is still the only player today.

High Attendance

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The 1939 World Series was an exciting event for New York, resulting in high attendance.

Chaotic Play

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Joe DiMaggio hit a ball that led to a chaotic play in which Charlie Keller ran into the catcher while he was catching the ball, resulting in a scramble for the ball by the defense and three runs scored by the offense.