WHS College & Career Center News

October 15, 2021

Important Dates

October 29: Advanced College Credit Registration Closes

October 20: Jostens Accepting Cap & Gown Orders, 12:15-1:15 pm

Advanced College Credit Registration Open Now

Advanced College Credit provides Wilsonville High School students the opportunity to begin earning college credit while still enrolled in high school - saving students both time and money as they begin their college career. Registration is now open for the Fall term.

Students enrolled in Pre-Calc, Spanish III & IV, French III & IV, and AP Stats can register to earn college credit while enrolled in the class at WHS. Clackamas Community College (CCC) and WHS have partnered to allow students to earn dual credit (high school and college credit) for certain approved Advanced College Credit (ACC) classes. If these credits were taken at CCC they would cost over $100 per credit, but with ACC, you pay just $10.00 per credit. The credit earned through the ACC Program is transferrable to all Oregon colleges and is accepted by most colleges nationwide. Registration timelines for the college credit are firm. Registration closes on October 29, 2021. Students for whom cost is an issue, should see Lyndi Tucker in the College & Career Center.

To register, students should visit: www.clackamas.edu/acc/register. Students can also receive help from Lyndi Tucker or their teacher.

College Visits

Colleges, colleges and more colleges! Over 70 different colleges and universities will be visiting WHS by the time we reach Thanksgiving. Juniors and seniors can find the list in Naviance, and can sign up to attend these information sessions by clicking on the Register button. Those who register will receive a pass prior to the visit excusing them from class for the visit. Sessions will be held outside, under cover and are an excellent opportunity for students to gather information about colleges they may be thinking about. The list continues to grow, so students should check back often. Colleges who will visit in the first week include:

University of So. Florida 10/18/21
San Diego State University 10/18/21
Southern Oregon University 10/18/21
Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo 10/19/21
Saint Martin’s University 10/19/21
Willamette University 10/19/21
Clackamas Community College

Temple University Japan 10/21/21 (Rescheduled)
Boise State University 10/21/21
Warner Pacific University 10/21/21
University of Alabama 10/21/21
University of Portland 10/22/21
Drexel University 10/22/21

Beloit College 10/25/21
Whitman College 10/25/21
University of Redlands 10/25/21
Merrimack College 10/25/21
Seattle University 10/26/21

Clackamas Community College 10/26/21

Baylor University 10/26/21 (Rescheduled)
Pacific University 11/3/21

Portland Community College 11/3/21
Miami University Oxford 11/3/21
Wentworth Institute of Technology 11/4/21
University of Arizona 11/4/21
University of Victoria 11/12/21

Students can see Mrs. Tucker with questions.

Oregon Goes To College

Oregon Goes To College is an organization dedicated to assisting students and families prepare for post-high school education. The site includes information for all high school grade levels.

SAT Prep - Khan Academy

Did your student take the PSAT or SAT last year? If so, and they are planning to take one of these tests this year, they should link their scores to Khan Academy to receive a personalized preparation program, based on their test results in each subject area. Students wishing to link their scores to Khan can simply log in here: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat/practice. Follow instructions for linking...and start preparing for the next test! Students are welcome to stop into the College & Career Center for assistance in this process.

Job Opportunities for Students

Many local businesses are in need student workers. We post job opportunities as a benefit to employers and students. These job postings can be found in the 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade Google Classrooms and on the College & Career Center webpage.

First Generation College Group

One of the ways we assist first-generation college bound students at Wilsonville High School is to invite them to our 1st Gen Group, in which we walk them through the process -- from college exploration to admissions applications and financial aid, culminating with the decision on where to spend their next years of education.This group is co-advised by Lucia Meza - School Counselor, and Lyndi Tucker - College & Career Coordinator, both of whom were first-generation college students.

Seniors who have self-identified as 1st Gen have been invited to join us. In the coming weeks we will meet at 7:45 – 8:30 a.m. on Thursdays on the 2D Art Room to address many topics relating to post-secondary education. We will work with the group on understanding program requirements, filling out college applications, understanding the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), requesting letters of recommendation, reviewing their transcripts, applying for scholarships, etc.

All students and families should feel free to check in with your student’s school counselor or Lyndi Tucker with questions about any aspect of the college-going process. We are here to help!

FAFSA Now Open for Class of 2022

The Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) is now open (www.fafsa.gov). All college-bound seniors and their families are advised to complete this document as soon as possible. The FAFSA is the means to determining how much federal financial aid a student will receive for college.

Students who are DACA or undocumented can complete ORSAA (Oregon Student Aid Application).

Questions can be directed to Lyndi Tucker or your student’s school counselor.

Senior Cap & Gown Orders

If your student was unable to place their cap & gown order on Wednesday, mark October 20 on the calendar. Jostens will be in front of the main entrance, 12:15 - 1:15 pm to accept orders.

The packet contains several order forms. The only item a student must have is a cap and gown package (cap/gown/tassel). To purchase this item only, please see line 24 (“Cap & Gown Unit $49.00”) on the form titled “2022 Graduation Order Form”.

We understand that the cost of a cap & gown may be prohibitive for some families. We do have caps & gowns available for loan to graduates. Please contact Lyndi Tucker if you’d like to borrow. Caps & gowns will be distributed to graduating seniors on their last day of school next spring.

Grad Night 2022

Hello Class of 2022 Parents and Volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who supported our Dine Out Event at MOD Pizza in September -- we made almost $500!!

STUDENT REGISTRATIONS- VERY IMPORTANT! We need anyone who hasn't already registered their child to do so as soon as possible. This is probably the most important piece of our overall planning as it gives us a baseline for our fundraising efforts and tells how much additional money we need to raise for this year's grad night activities. The registration fee will increase on December 1st so take advantage of early bird pricing now. You can visit our webpage to register online at the following link: https://www.wilsonvillegradparty.com


The Wilsonville HS Grad Night committee has ordered a bounty of beautiful poinsettias for your enjoyment over the holidays! Small ($15) and Large ($30) poinsettias available! If you would like to order some for your home or office, and help out the Seniors, click here to order! Reserve yours today! Any questions? Send us an e-mail at: wvhsgradnight@gmail.com.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions at: wvhsgradnight@gmail.com.

Job & Career Opportunities

We are hearing from local companies about job availability. Those jobs are being posted on the Counseling grade-level Google Classrooms.

Career Exploration

Got a student who wants or needs to do some career exploration ideas? We've got some suggestions!

1. Naviance

  • Click on the Careers tab to find information about thousands of careers
  • Click on About Me to work on some self-assessments that will help with exploration

2. Check out these great career exploration websites and tools:

As always, questions can be directed to Lyndi Tucker or your student's counselor.

Clackamas C-TEC

C-TEC is a consortium of schools and partners in Clackamas County that supports Career and Technical Education programs. The organization sponsors and advertises programs being offered to students and communities, that relate to careers (many of which are technical in nature). For more information and to see what is offered, check out their website and offerings: https://www.clackamascareers.com/

Virtual Career Events

Portland Workforce Alliance provides Career Talks for students through the school year. Below are some great opportunities!

To see what's coming up or to view recordings of past events, click here.

Naviance is a web-based college & career planning resource provided to families by the West Linn Wilsonville School District. Every student at WHS has an account and within that account students are able to research virtually every college and career they could possibly think of! Tools include interest and skills inventories, personality assessments and the careers and majors that match those results.

Seniors who are applying for college use Naviance to keep track of applications, request transcripts, and letters of recommendation. See below to access your student's Naviance account.

Student Log-in to Naviance

  1. Sign in to your school Google account
  2. Go to school website
  3. Click on Naviance under Quick Links
  4. If you have never logged into Naviance on your current computer, it will ask you what school...find Wilsonville High School on the dropdown
  5. Choose your user type: All users should click on Student
  6. Click on the green bar - CONTINUE WITH SINGLE SIGN ON

Parents will follow the same steps...they must log in as the student.

Questions? Contact Lyndi Tucker (tuckerl@wlwv.k12.or.us or 503-673-7628)

Stay Connected With Your School Counseling Team

Students and families are encouraged to join their grade-level google classroom and follow us on social media:

12th Grade: 4wxxs77

11th Grade: z3kam72

10th Grade: 3vifzqz

9th Grade: ujbz6xc

Instagram: @whscollegecareer

Twitter: @WHSCollegCareer


Students and families are also encouraged to join Remind. Remind is a program that allows us to send short texts to those that subscribe or enroll. Those that receive texts cannot reply and phone numbers stay private.

12th Grade:

Text @whs2022A-G to 81010 if your last name begins with letters A - G

Text @whs2022H-P to 81010 if your last name begins with letters H - P

Text @whs2022Q-Z to 81010 if your last name begins with letters Q –Z

11th Grade:

Text @whs2023A-G to 81010 if your last name begins with letters A - G

Text @whs2023H-P to 81010 if your last name begins with letters H - P

Text @whs2023Q-Z to 81010 if your last name begins with letters Q –Z

10th Grade:

Text @whs2024A-G to 81010 if your last name begins with letters A - G

Text @whs2024H-P to 81010 if your last name begins with letters H - P

Text @whs2024Q-Z to 81010 if your last name begins with letters Q –Z

9th Grade:

Text @whs2025A-G to 81010 if your last name begins with letters A - G

Text @whs2025H-P to 81010 if your last name begins with letters H - P

Text @whs2025Q-Z to 81010 if your last name begins with letters Q –Z

The school counseling team is here to support you! Below are the best ways to connect with us.

School Email: We will respond within 24 hours

Text: Via our Google Voice phone numbers listed below during school hours (7:30 am- 3:30 pm)

Phone Call: Via our office phone listed below. Voice mails will be returned within 24 hours

Counseling Team:

Alyson Leatherman (A-E)



Google phone/text: (971) 267-2734

Lucia Meza (F-K)



Google phone/text: (503) 597-8850

Andre Abraham (L-Ra)



Google phone/text: (971)267-5011

Christine Moon (Re-Z)



Google phone/text: (503) 897-0209

Lyndi Tucker (College & Career Coordinator)



Google phone/text: (971)267-2694

Colleen Loonstyn (Registrar)