November PAWS PD

November 2017 Course Catalog for New Prospect PD

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Nov. 29 Required Session-iReady

Mark your calendar! You will receive iReady training with an iReady representative during your grade level planning Nov 29. This is a mandatory training and will count as one of your PAWS PD sessions. Make sure you record it on the Google Form!
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Nov. 2 Reading Workshop Tips & Tricks with Mrs. Alterman

Are there areas of your reader’s workshop you would still like to improve? Are you still working on making sure your workshop ‘flows’? If so, this is the perfect PAWS PD session for you! Visit with Mrs. Alterman for a RUOS tips and tricks session to learn more on the following:

· How to teach workshop expectations to students

· How to make mini lessons ‘mini’ (trimming the fat off of a mini lesson)

· How students should actually USE the strategies taught in the mini lessons

· Architecture of conferences/small groups

· How to model reading strategies with your read aloud

· And so much more!

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Reading Workshop Tips and Tricks with Mrs. Alterman

Thursday, Nov. 2nd, 2:45pm

Alterman’s Fourth Grade

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Nov. 13 Mini Edcamp - A Flurry of Ideas and Resources

Do you have a neat resource, idea, strategy, etc you’d like to share with others? Come share it at our mini edcamp! An EdCamp is an “unconference” designed specifically for teachers and their needs. What makes Edcamp an unconference? Edcamp has an agenda that's created by the participants at the start of the event. You can share or just come and gather ideas!

During the edcamp, each person that would like to share will have only 1 or 2 minutes to show the resource and how to implement it in the classroom. The idea is to gather as many ideas as possible, then take and use what you like best. After the sharing, you can “get and go” (get the info and leave) or “stay and play” (stay after to discuss more and network).

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Mini EdCamp - a flurry of ideas and resources

Monday, Nov. 13th, 2:45pm

Design Lab with Ms. Welch

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Nov. 16 Google Classroom - Getting Started and Keeping it Real

Mrs. Widis will guide you through the start up of her Google Classroom and how she has implemented it so far. Please attend to see how you can use this tool in your own classroom.

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Google Classroom

Thursday, Nov. 16th, 2:45pm

Widis’ 4th Grade

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What Counts as PAWS PD?

Anything offered by the PAWS PD Committee and certain admin approved trainings for the entire staff. Ask Heather Welch or Amy Lemons if you wonder about which PD can count for your requirement.

How Many PAWS PD must I attend?

You may go to as many sessions as you’d like but 6 sessions are required for the year. 3 per semester.