Fabulous First Grade

Learning and Growing each day!

October 16th, 2020

Language Workshop

This week we stared Unit 2 in Language Workshop. In this unit our essential question is, "Why do we investigate?" Students will learn the difference between fiction and nonfiction text in this unit. Our unit starts off with the biography called, Star Stuff. We will be focusing on the following standards in our unit.

  • R.1.4 Identify specific words and phrases that express feeling, appeal to the senses, or content-specific words within a text.

  • R.1.5 Identify a variety of genres and explain major differences between literary texts and informational texts. S

Math Workshop

This week we worked on understanding place value (tens and ones). Students learned what a digit is and how to understand the value of each digit in a number. We spent the week working on drawing out the value of numbers, writing value of the digits and also comparing numbers to one another. Example - How is the number 35 the same or different from the number 53?

Reading Workshop

In reading, students are working on building their independent reading stamina and are already working on reading on their own for ten minutes! This week, we focused on learning about common and proper nouns. Ask your son or daughter to tell you the difference between the two. Students have also been busy building upon and applying reading strategies to unknown words.

Writing Workshop

This week we start our next unit, Nonfiction Chapter Books. Students learned to write about topics they could teach others. We worked on sharing a lead, 3 facts and an ending. Students worked to stretch their ideas across the pages and teach all they knew about the topic.


We are continuing our first unit, Earth's Place in the Universe. Students have learned so much and continue to be interested in learning more! This week we studied the stars and constellations. Please be sure to look at the moon each night for your moon calendar. Thanks for your support at home!

Learner Profile Traits

Students learn about our Learner Profile Traits which are qualities in each learner that are seen both inside and outside the classroom. The traits are...knowledgeable, caring, reflective, principled, risk-taker, communicator, inquirer, balanced, thinker and open-minded. This month we are focusing on being "principled". Students learned that means to be honest, fair, accountable, reliable and to make the right choice in life. We talked about how we can be principled each day.

Other Updates

School Pictures

School pictures will be taking place on Wednesday, October 21st. All orders will be placed online and delivered to your home. More information on orders will be coming from the photography company (Visual Image Photography) approximately a week after picture day.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, October 21st - School Picture Day

Thursday, October 22nd - Papa Murphy's Dining Night - Sunset Location

Wednesday, October 28th - Early Release Day 1:40 p.m.

Thursday, October 29th - No School

Friday, October 30th - No School

Monday, November 16th - Culver's Dining Night - Sunset Location

Thursday, November 19th - Papa Murphy's Dining Night- Sunset Location

Wednesday, November 25th - No School - Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, November 26th - No School - Thanksgiving Day

Friday, November 27th - No School - Thanksgiving Break

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