Modern News

October 2013

Emma Gwidt and Josta

By:Sydney Gwidt

Emma Gwidt is a fifteen year old girl. She showed a dairy calf at the fair named ,Josta, and won grand champion and reserved grand champion. You could tell the judge liked Emma and her calf ,but that wasn't all. He also liked how Emma handled Josta and how Josta was a good listener. This is what the judge said about Emma and Josta. I like this calves front and back end. I also like everything about this calf . I also like how clean this calf is. You can tell how much time this girl put into her calf . Josta is a winter calf. Her sire is Dusk and her dam is Delpha. Emma Gwidt showed Josta August/28/2013.

Emma Gwidt And Josta

Modern News 10/5/2013

A Fire drill At ABVM

By:Sydney Gwidt

Assumption ABVM in Pulaski had a fire drill. The classes were working when suddenly, BAM!, it went off! Students rushed to the door, the teacher grabbed her safety book and huddled outside to the recess fence. Students waited not knowing if it was real or not. Then the principal ,Mrs. Wilinski, came out and said "OK everybody, come in, it was just a drill." Everybody came in and started working.

Carrie Underwood

By:Sydney Gwidt

Carrie Underwood was born on March/10/1983 in Muskogee,Oklahoma. Carrie Underwood had put aside her singing dreams for a degree in broadcast journalism. But everything changed after she auditioned for american Idol during her senior year at Northeastern State University. She won the shows fourth season in 2005 and went on to win multiple country music Association and academy of country music awards in 2008 at age 26 Carrie Underwood became the youngest member of the Grand O pry. Her hit albums include Carnival ride , Play On and Blown Away. Some of her songs are Good Girl,See You Again and Cupids got a shotgun.

Luke Bryan

By:Sydney Gwidt

Luke Bryan was born 7/17/1976. He is a pop and country singer. He grew up in a small town of Lees burg Georgia, were his father worked as a peanut farmer. Country music was not an insist abstention for him. After getting his first guitar at age 14,Bryan quickly began playing in public and writing his own songs. Some of his songs are That's my kind of night,Country girl shake it for me girl and Crash my party.