Adolf Hitler

By: Chason Myre

Early Years

When Hitler was 10 he wanted to be in visual arts, but after trying twice he got rejected both times. Hitler's dad wasn't proud of him and he wanted him to be in politics and such. Hitler's dad died around when Hitler was around 14 so Hitler decided to drop out of school, and pursue his dream of being in visual arts. Although that did not work out he then became homeless since his mother died and he had no where to go.

Before WWI

Before being involved with any kind of war, Hitler was homeless and had no money at all. He then decided to be apart of Germany's army and serve with them for World War I. He finally joined and quickly became the rank of Corporal shortly after joining. Hitler was also kind of apart of politics for Germany, being in many different clubs and things like that.

World War I

Hitler was blinded in a mustard gas attack in 1918 and was sent to the hospital. Germany had panicked and ended up surrendering the war shortly after that incident. For everything that had happened to Hitler during World War I he received a Black Wound Badge. He also was recognized for his many earned accolades as a dispatch runner.

The Nazi Party

Hitler rose to power in German Politics as the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party). By 1923 Hitler's Nazi Party had reached to over 56,000 members and supporters. He used the Nazi Party for more power and to get everyone to follow him into doing terrible things to million's and million's of people.

Rise to Power

Hitler mainly promised to Germany that he could get them out of depression and make them the "#1 country." He had been the Head of State and the Supreme Commander as early as from 1933 to 1945. In 1938, he signed the Munich Agreement, this treaty gave Germany the Sudentland districts and reversing part of the Versailles Treaty.

World War II

Hitler wrote a book called, "Mein Kampf" (My Struggle) which formulated his political ideas. During World War II, Hitler made an alliance with Russia and Italy. On the first day of September of 1939 Germany invaded Poland and this is when World War II officially started.

The Fall of Hitler

Hitler and Germany were doing terrible in World War II, all the concentration camps and things they had were just totally wiped out and they had no advantages or anything. When Hitler knew that Germany was going to lose World War II and they had no chance at winning, he and his wife decided to commit suicide in a bunker.
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