Andrew Jackson, hero or villain?


I think Andrew Jackson is a hero because he gave common people more support. The common people liked him because only the rich and the upper class people could vote. Now everyone can vote. He promoted Democracy because it had everyone involved in it. Everyone had a say in, but his opponents said he was using a spoils system. That's what the opponents called it. It was the practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs. The congress also passed a higher tax on the tariffs, but southerner's opposed tariffs for several reasons. They worried the tax would hurt cotton sales to other countries. Jackson understood, and he lowered the tariffs, but still that wasn't enough for the southerners.


I think Andrew Jackson was also a Villain. I think he was a villain too because he forced the American Indians to move out of their own lands. I thought this was extremely unfair. I don't think this promoted Democracy at all because it didn't give a say in what they could do. They just made the American Indians move out of their homelands. The trail of tears last more then 2,200 miles. No extra clothes and no belongings that they could take with them. Suffering in the cold and people dying. That must've have been hard for them.