Add/Subtract Unlike Fractions

By: Alondra Jimenez

Flan Problem

Stefanie went to go buy flan for dessert. Her mother Ivette told her to share the flan equally with her brother Jonathan. Stefanie served 1/2 of flan to jonathan and she got 1/5 of the flan. Jonathan said,"That's not fair Stefanie you got more flan then me". So Stefanie tried to find the same denominator to get the flan equally. Stefanie showed Jonathan how to try to find same denominators. So Stefanie told Jonathan,"I learned in school that if you can't find a common denominator or a multiples you have to both fraction. "So, you had 1/2of the flan and I had 1/5 so we have to both of our flan because 2 isn't a multiple of 5. Also, we can use the "one fraction" to find common denominators for our flan . Like 1/2 times something will make the same denominator for 1/5. So, 1/2 times 5/5 will be 5/10 and 1/5 times 2/2 wil be 2/10 so now we have the same amount of flan thanks to the "one fraction". And now not fight over who has more or less." "Enjoy the flan brother." MMMMMMMMMM GOOOODDDD