Time Cat

By Lloyd Alexander

Parker D. Pitts

Mrs. Hinkel

Block# 1

Help for cats on the internet


Gareth - A tall black cat that has a white strip on his back and a white symbol on his chest that stands for life in Egypt. He is strong and independent . He can talk and have the power to travel through time.

Text Evidence - PG 3. Gareth said "I can visit nine different lives.Anytime, any time, any country,any century"

Jason - From the reading of the novel he acts like a regular 12 year old boy.

Don Diego - A Spaniard with a mustache and a pointed beard .He is a Spaniard that wants to study the Indians.


The theme of the exhilarating novel has a boy named Jason and a not your regular house cat named Gareth. The two go on amazing adventures you won't forget. The first stop is Ancient Egypt on there nine different fantastic journey through time.


The setting I will do is the starting of the book.

The story starts out with the cat's intro and description and goes to Jason. He was in his room for doing bad things from the past five minutes. This is in the present time.

After Jason get all the things Gareth said they start the long time-venture.

The time line in numeral order:

Egypt: 2700 B.C.

Rome and Britain: 55 B.C.

Ireland: 411 A.D.

Japan: 998 A.D.

Italy: 1468

Peru: 1555

The Isle Of Man: 1588


And finally the moment no one was thinking of, US

America: 1775

Conflict and Plot

The conflict is like a wheel its repeats its self there is a new conflict every new time line and a the same with the plot

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