by: Lauren Kate


Fallen is about a girl named Luce Price. She gets sent to Sword & Cross boarding school. When Luce sees this guy named Daniel Grigori and she likes him, she somehow feels a connection to him... The thing is he doesn't want anything to do with her.

Man vs Self

She has these shadows that come and go, they keep popping up. They affect her somehow,and they are the reason why she got sent away to Sword & Cross boarding school.


"Each moment is a gift, not a given. Use your moments wisely."

Quote from book

pg.452 "What if the person you were mean't to be with could never be yours?"


This is a story about a creepy romance

Extra Piece(Setting)

The setting is like a concentration camp, torture and tophet. Barrier, brick buildings topped with barbed wire, bar covered windows
The Bomb Dot Com v1 (2009 version)- Sleeping With Sirens