Quarter 3 Independent Reading

By: Allison Whitehead

A story about finding a new life

Safe Haven: By Nicholas Sparks

Safe Haven is about a girl named Erin who changes her identity to a woman named Katie to save her life. Mainly because her husband abuses her and she needs to find a way out for good. She moves to a little town in Southport Carolina, and falls in love with a man named Alex. Alex doesn't find out till later that she has a hidden identity, although he can't stay mad at her for long because he's deeply in love. Alex does everything he can to protect Katie, as lives get hurt along the way.

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Katie Feldman

Katie is the main character in Safe Haven, and realizes that she needs to run away from her abusive husband named Kevin. Her plan is to secretly move to a small town in North Carolina, and change her identity for good. She buys a small house in the woods, and makes a bestfriend named Jo, who is actually her neighbor. Katie walks downtown and discovers a shop where she can buy paint to decorate her new house, and ends up getting super close with the owner, Alex. Katie and Alex share a special bond of feeling alone in the world, and end up together for the rest of the book, as they help one another face the difficult situations in their lives.

Alex Wheatley

Alex Wheatley is the owner of the town grocery store. He has two kids named Kristen and Josh, and raises them by himself due to his wife Carly passing a couple years back. When he first met Katie he fell in love with her right away, due to the way she interacts with his children. Alex realizes that Katie is trying to start a new life with different people, as her experience in the past with her ex husband was abusive. He does everything he can to be apart of her life, and protect her from Kevin, the abusive husband.

“Everyone has a past, but that's just it-it's in the past. You can learn from it, but you can't change it.”- Alex Wheatley

This quote perfectly describes that although Katie had a rough past, she has to start a new life. Alex explains that she can't change what Kevin did to her, but she can learn from his actions and be the stronger person.

Kevin Tierney

Kevin is the alcoholic husband of Katie's, whom also abuses her physically and emotionally. Tierney is a police detective with the Boston Police Department, and uses that advantage to look for Katie when she runs away. Kevin illegally makes a "Wanted ad" for Erin(as she changed her name to Katie for a hidden identity), to have people around the country look for her as well. When he finds Katie with another man, things don't go smooth for neither sides of the relationship.

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is an American novelist, screenwriter, and producer. He has published over eighteen novels including The Notebook, Dear John, and The Lucky one. The main genre that Sparks publishes is Romantic Fiction, and Romantic Drama. Nicholas wrote Safe Haven because he wanted his audience to feel connected to the characters, and know that in order to love again, you must learn to trust again.

“He always apologized, and sometimes he would even cry because of the bruises he'd made on her arms or legs or her back. He would say that he hated what he'd done, but in the next breath tell her she'd deserved it. That if she'd been more careful, it wouldn't have happened. That if she'd been paying attention or hadn't been so stupid, he wouldn't have lost his temper”

This quote shared by the author, describes what Katie went through being "Erin". It is very significant to the story because the only reason Erin became Katie and moved to Southport, was to get away from her abusive husband.

Alex begs Katie to stay in town, as he promises to protect her from Kevin.
Alex begs Katie to stay