Our Impact On Our Ocean Ecosystems

By: Alexis Gamiz


Littering has been a problem for a long time & it is has been negatively impacting the ocean & the organisms inside.

How ? Littering objects such as plastic bags, plastic soda can rings, soda cans, water bottles, etc. can be washed into the ocean or sea & can eventually trap the fishes in the water. It strangles many organisms in the ocean & can lead them to extinction. Luckily we have companies such as Waste Management Inc. who voluntarily go out to the water & the shores of our seas & oceans to gather all trash & recycle to a nearby bin.

Toxic Waste

Other than the filthy litter killing off all of our fishes, it is not our only issue. Toxic waste is another way of saying Oil Spills, there are companies who dump all of their waste into the oceans, lakes, seas, etc. These spills are poisoning our sea creatures & covering our beautiful feathered friends in black goo, to the point of where they looked as they have been tarred, which technically is very true. I thanks God that we have people who go out to our water beds & clean & wash off many of our animals.

Over Fishing

This is quite possibly one of the biggest reasons that our many of our fishes are headed towards extinction. Over fishing is when too many fish are being fished out & eaten by humans. This can cause a great gap in the food chain & can also leave less fishes to reproduce. Even though this is happening we have great companies & people who go out into the water & sink ships, which does sound like a bad thing but this can provide a home for many organisms & a better hide out for them to get away from the fishing seasons.

Air Polution

This doesn't sound or seem very dangerous at all but air pollution is very, very affective on the ocean. Gases, smoke, & etc. can choke & or kill many organisms in the ocean. Though this isn't very common in some situations the air pollution can be good & the carbon dioxide can help them get air.

Algae Bloom

Algae bloom is a very serious thing & can make many fishes very, very sick & can eventually kill them. But Algae can be beneficial in the simplest manner because algae release oxygen as part of their metabolism, they serve to oxygenate water. Green algae are preferred because blue-green algae float on the surface and are associated with water quality problems. Algae also play an important part in the aquatic food chain, as they are the main food source for zooplankton and small fish, which in turn serve as food for larger fish and other wildlife.