Ancient Greece Sports

By: Van Chin


This was a 5 event combination of discus, javelin, jumping, running and wrestling.
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Those who boxed wore a sort of glove made of straps of soft ox-hide. They didn't fight people of same weight opponents were chosen at random. Boxing matches had no time limit and ended only when one boxer held up his hand or fell to the ground.
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The throwers of the discus originally threw a circular stone and then later a disc made of iron, lead, or bronze.The movements and techniques of ancient discus throwers are kind of the same to today's athletes.
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Horse Racing

Horse racing took place in a large stadium that contained a racetrack much like today's track and field ovals. The athletes would ride in war chariots it could be either two or four horses. The second type of horse race is just another man riding on the horse.


It's a spear

The Ancient Olympic Games had two types of Javelin one is who can throw it the farthest and throwing at a target.

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This game was about who can jump the farthest but the difference between now and then was that they used weights as the run and release them before they jump. It was design to increase the distance of the jump.
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There was a lot type of racing but the three most popular ones are 200m, 400m and a long distance race of 1400m to 1800m.
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