Curriculum Corner

North Merrick School District - Spring 2019

FLUENCY - Connecting and Communicating

This is the second issue of Curriculum Corner, which takes a closer look into the educational initiatives happening within the district schools. This issue focuses on fluency - and how our elementary students are learning critical communication skills, such as expressiveness, coherence, intelligibility, and persuasiveness, and gaining an ease and confidence with fluency at an early age.

Curriculum Highlights Presentation

Take a peek at the PowerPoint outlining the district curriculum highlights , which was presented by Deputy Superintendent Beth Friedman at the March Board of Education meeting as well as during the Curriculum Workshop before the board meeting on May 14.

North Merrick Teacher Presents Workshop on Building Math Fluency

The North Merrick School District utilizes the concept of "Math and Motion" to build on math fluency. Camp Avenue teacher Christine Talbot was selected to be a workshop presenter at the Long Island Mathematics Conference at SUNY Old Westbury on March 15. Mrs. Talbot showed primary teachers from across Long Island how to use movement and visuals to find wholes, and parts of wholes, in math lessons. She also shared math games that incorporated hula hoops and bean bags to strengthen young students' number skills.

Author, Author!

All three district schools hosted their annual Biography Bonanzas or Living Wax Museums, in which students read a biography and dressed up as that person to further discuss his or her positions and thoughts with families and faculty. Each school is scheduled for an assembly with Amy B. McCoy, author of Big Little Sister, to discuss her book with questions from the students. Additionally, the OMR Book Club had a wonderful opportunity to interact with author Rob Buyea by Skype to learn more about two of his books, Saving Mr. Terupt and Mr. Terupt Falls Again. As Mr. Buyea said, the key to good writing is reading, reading and reading - an inspirational message!
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