Curriculum Corner

North Merrick School District - Winter 2020

TECHNOLOGY TOOLS - Engaging students and amplifying learning

Today's students are acquiring knowledge for careers that may not yet exist. To best prepare them for the future, our district has been integrating technology into the curriculum and encouraging student-led learning. Last year, the district introduced Chromebooks and implemented Google Classroom. This year, Mrs. Christine Talbot, the district's Technology Coordinator, has held extensive training with our teachers on a variety of technology tools they are already adding to the school day. Follow Mrs. Talbot and North Merrick instructional technology on Twitter @NMerrickTech.

Presentations Plus+

North Merrick students are creating interactive presentations with Google Slides, Pear Deck, Flip Grid, Google Jamboard, Padlet, and other apps and programs. Students work collaboratively on group projects, blog posts, storybooks, digital notecards, vocabulary lists, posters, journals, short videos, and more. Presentations become less static and more visual, like classroom conversations for 21st century learning.
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Almost as Good as Being There!

Classroom walls expand to the outside world through digital travel machines that provide virtual tours and greater communication. Videoconferencing links North Merrick students with classes in other districts and across the world. Field Trip Zoom brings the youngsters along to famous museums, zoos and other institutions while Tour Builder zeroes in on any geographic region, even underwater! Students can also partake in group chats and share thoughts via Google Hangout.

And the Answer is...

Teamwork and knowledge are reinforced through fun and dynamic programs such as Quizlet Live, Pear Deck and Kahoot!. Students practice spelling words and facts with digital flashcards, participate in opinion polls, and play interactive games. Students are drawn in by the creative components and get excited about the quiz-show environment. Below, students in Mrs. Jorgensen's class at Camp confer about the history of New York's first settlers using Quizlet.
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Portals to Learning

Through a free subscription to EPIC!, North Merrick students have access to a leading digital library for children 12 years and younger. They can explore over 35,000 books and videos along with STEM and Spanish-language materials. Teachers create book collections for group and independent reading while students post reading logs and book reviews as well as perform science experiments. In addition, Padlet contains a searchable database and YouTube channel as resources to build timelines, inspiration boards, biographies and to-do lists. For North Merrick students, the sky's the limit!