Ulrich Nazareno

Cool guy

The strengths of Ulrich Nazareno

  • Friendly
  • Not stupid
  • no criminal record
  • decent grades
  • decent with technology
  • Likes sports
  • Helpful
  • efficient
  • Interested in technology


  • Not the strongest
  • Not good at sports
  • Doesn't like to socialize
  • Not a public speaker

Fun facts:

Likes the Bears

Supports UNICEF

Friends with people who are smart and sophisticated

Want to find out more?

search "Ulrich Nazareno" in faceboook to follow Ulrich

Frequently asked questions

Are you immature?

No, I am a sophisticated young adult that is serious most of the time.

What are your future goals?

I am trying to be an engineer or a technician in the army and after army I will continue being an engineer

Describe yourself in one word

I am very inventive

What is your hobbies?

I like to hangout with my colleagues and to play sports.