The Timberwolf Times

May 1st Edition

"A" Week

PLCs - Thursday

LST - Friday

Board Presentation - Tuesday, May 3rd

Please come support our team.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!

Love to the Taft Staff! All Ya'll Rock!

I truly appreciate the work you do for the success and well being of our students. Each of you make a difference in the lives of the children you touch. Sometimes the job is not easy, it has it's challenges but the rewards are great! Every person on this staff is a teacher, and you mean the world to these little ones. May you always have the grace, patience, understanding and wisdom as you continue the most important job in our society. Teaching!

Thank you for completing the principal survey

Summer Academy Training

Friday, May 20th from 3:45-4:45 will be the Summer Academy training date for current NJSD teachers. Central Office Building in the auditorium.

Saturday, May 21st from 8:00-12:00 will be for everyone else. Same location.

Library Media Specialists will have a separate meeting, and Jen McMahon has already contacted this individual.

Congrats to Mark for entering the Quarter Century Club!!

Personal Leave Reminder

Staff needs to provide a 10 day notice (unless there is an emergency) when requesting personal leave.

May 3rd Upgrade

The IT department would like to ensure that all staff-used Apple laptops receive a significant software upgrade before the staff leave the building at the end of the school year. This happens every year.

The upgrade, while large, will not significantly change the user experience... and is really just something we are doing for overall compatibility, and security reasons. Your staff should not need any adjustment period after the upgrade.

We will be offering 2 mechanisms, a self-upgrade and an IT dept assisted upgraded.

The self-upgrade instructions will be sent out later this week, and with those instructions I would like to also include the IT dept assisted procedure as well. I would like to get your blessing on the dates I have chosen for your school building. You do not need to notify your staff at this time, I will send out more details later this week.

The process: For staff wanting the IT department to perform their upgrade, they will leave their laptop in the school office on their way out of the building. (on their designated date)

I will come in later that evening (likely around 5:30) and perform the upgrade on any laptops left for me.

Staff can then pickup laptops on their way in the following day.

Effectiveness Project - EP

All documentation needs to uploaded and completed in My learning Plan by May 1st. You need only two items per standard (based on your status in the EP process) but may include more if you choose.

SLOs are due May 27th

Google Text

Next year we will be using Google Text. Please familiarize yourself with it now by texting others in the building. It is a great way to communicate quickly. Very similar to texting on your phone only easier.....because you can actually see the letters without readers.

Special Event Lunch, Party, or Snack

Just a reminder that parents my bring in a meal or a snack for various celebrations but it must be after the students scheduled lunch time. These events cannot be a substitute for the school lunch. If you have questions stop by and we can talk. This includes PTO and we will make adjustments for next year. Re-cap....our focus is next year :-)

Calendar of Events - new items in bold

5/3 - SIT mtg in conference room

Taft Board Presentation

5/4 - Quarter Century Club Dinner 6:00-8:00

5/5 - Admin mtg in the AM, Hrib out

5/6 - District Spelling Bee

5/8 - Mother's Day

5/10 - Goal Team Mtg

PTO mtg in the cafeteria, 6:30

5/11 - Employee of the Year 3:45

5/12 - Principal mtg in the AM, Hrib out

NFL Play 60 10:00-12:00 for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

5/13 - Lit Coach out in the AM


Retirement Celebration 3:45

5/17 - 5th grade Horace Mann Tour 8:00

5/18 - 2nd grade field trip 9:00-11:40

5/19 - PBIS mtg

5/20 - Kindergarten Orientation

Summer Academy Training for NJSD teachers 3:45-4:45

5/21 - Summer Academy Training for others 8:00-12:00

5/23 - 4th and 5th grade field trip 11:45-2:00

5/24 - Hrib out 1:00-5:00 EP

5/25 - Friday Schedule

5/26 - AVMR Training

Dental Bus

5/27 - PLD

5/30 - Memorial Day - No school

5/31 - Field day

6/1 - 5th grade End of year Ceremony 9:00-10:00

6/2 - Last of School

Report Cards go home

6/3 - Teacher Prep day

6/6 - SIT meeting 9:00-2:00

6/7 - PBIS training U300 - 12:30-4:00

This Week on Duty - Thank you for keeping our Timberwolves safe

AM Duties

  • AM playground - Kohls, Payne, Bushman, King
  • AM 4K - Ferkel

PM Duties

  • PM 4k- Ferkel
  • Bus riders/lot - Kohls
  • Bike rack, Claire side - Bushman
  • Bike rack, Western side - Pritzl/Flemming
  • Crosswalk Clair - Bissing
  • Crosswalk Western - Bonikowske
  • Crosswalk Western/Geiger -
  • Hallways - King (back hall), Payne (front hall)
  • Sidewalk (Western side) - Brookins -M/T/W; Mast -W/F
  • Sidewalk (Claire side) - Paiser-Wilson -M; Mielke -T/R; Marzahl -W

Taft Mission

Our mission is to support Taft families in their journey toward academic, social, and emotional success within a safe environment. As a team, we will guide, support, and provide direction to empower one another to become lifelong learners and respectful members of a community.